Top 6 Best Wireless Subwoofers in 2020

Music amplification is occasionally required to rejuvenate your mind and relish your leisure time. You can enjoy parties or soothing moments through high-quality music amplification. This is made possible with the use of Wireless Subwoofer. With the constant advancements in the digital era, the wired equipment are now replaced with the wireless one. To reduce the wire mess and to present excellent flexibility, there is a trend of using Wireless Subwoofer.  Depending on your audio system, sound expectation, efficiency, build quality, budget and many more, the choice of Wireless Subwoofer is varied. For music enthusiasts, the choice of appropriate Wireless Subwoofer justifies your investment and presents long-lasting use. You will be amazed to see how your living room turns into a party room with decent quality music output. To remove the confusion regarding the best Wireless Subwoofer, take a look below.

Here are the Top 10 Best Wireless Subwoofers on that we found out:

6. Polk Audio PSW10 10″ Powered Subwoofer:

The brand Polk is popular when it comes to the audio equipment and this subwoofer is another great piece from this brand. This powered subwoofer is dedicated to present extra bass and punch. In this subwoofer unit, the 10-inch dynamic balance woofer and an exceptionally configured directed port offer precise bass. You will be surprised to see how movies and music bring alive at your own convenience. Careful design with the use of top-notch resonance-free driver materials enhances the durability of this subwoofer. Besides, it presents a convenient fit for long-term use.

For your small-to-mid size room, this Polk Audio subwoofer is a preferred choice. Even at high volume, you would enjoy loud, clear sound even. Music lovers will be benefitted with an exciting yet balanced music experience consisting of rich, deep sound. One of the useful traits of this subwoofer unit is it can effortlessly blend with any speaker and capable to play the most demanding nodes without any distortion. Glancing at its structure, there is a smooth, removable grille on the front. On the back side, you will see the speaker, line-level inputs and speaker-level outputs. Entire subwoofer unit is made consistent with the use of a phase toggle switch for various subwoofers.


  • With the built-in 50-watt RMS amp, this powered subwoofer would double the amplifier power to 100 watts of dynamic power.
  • It is extremely simple to integrate the PSW10 subwoofer with the existing systems. Just hook up this subwoofer to the receiver and enhance your music sound.
  • The output from this PSW10 subwoofer showcases constantly variable 80-160 Hz crossover and 40-160 Hz frequency response.
  • In this Polk Audio subwoofer unit, the PSW enclosures are designed for impeccable volume. Besides, they are minutely tuned for presenting distortion-free low frequencies.
  • The up-to-date Klippel distortion analyzer from the brand functions to optimize the voice coil alignment, motor structure, and suspension. This will present a flawless, unrestrained movement on a wide spectrum of the lower frequencies. It will indirectly guarantee the most efficient output regardless of the listening levels.

5. Sonos Sub – Wireless Subwoofer:

The wireless subwoofer system from Sonos would fill your room with melodiously sounding tunes. Actually, this wireless subwoofer system is a new way to relish music experience. It is now easy to enhance the decor of your living space by appropriately placing this wireless subwoofer unit. It is quite simple to configure and you may add it to a prevailing Sonos center channel. The simplicity of placement makes sure there are no messy wires or cables to run. Within a few minutes, you can accomplish the setup process with the use of included accessories. To use it, just plug it in, include it to the subwoofer through the instructions included in the app and relish your favorite music.

Taking a look at the appearance of this Sonos sub wireless subwoofer, it is neat and clean. Even in a large room, this subwoofer unit would smooth out the sound to present clear output. The inclusion of the extra bass presents a significant boost to the output sound. Considering the myriad of features offered, its price is justifiable. Overall, its functioning is efficient and you can add a dramatic sound effect to your room.


  • In this Sonos wireless subwoofer unit, the two force-canceling speaker drivers are aligned face-to-face to present deep sound with zero cabinet buzz.
  • You can wirelessly connect this subwoofer unit to Playbar, Beam, Plabase, One, Connect:Amp, Play:1, Play:3, and Play:5.
  • To streamline the operation hassles, it comes with one button set up.
  • This subwoofer unit works relentlessly to deliver the low frequencies so that the speakers emphasis on the mid and high-range frequencies.

4. Samsung HW-M450/ZA 320W 2.1ch Soundbar:

amsung HW-M450/ZA 320W 2.1ch Soundbar
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Presented from the top-notch brand –Samsung, this 2.1 channel Soundbar system comes with surround sound expansion and Dolby Digital sound. It offers added depth and its wireless Bluetooth connectivity occupies your room with your preferred music. Wherever you set this wireless subwoofer, you will be surrounded with rich, deep bass. The incorporated Bluetooth connectivity enables the user to effortlessly stream and play music on a wireless basis. You can play music from any Bluetooth compatible devices, including your smartphone or tablet. It is a straightforward process to regulate your home entertainment system right from your phone or mobile device through the Samsung Audio Remote app.

Whenever you add the HW-M450 soundbar with wireless subwoofer into your home entertainment system, it is possible to feel the difference in the music notes. Through the Bluetooth connectivity, preferred music can be wirelessly streamed for hours of fun. You can easily connect your Soundbar to your Samsung TV through Bluetooth without suffering from wire mess. Alternatively, you can connect it through HDMI for the supreme audio and video experience.  The immersive and realistic audio experience is guaranteed at your own convenience.


  • With this wireless subwoofer system, you can control the functioning of your home entertainment system through your hand.
  • With the use of your phone or mobile device through the Samsung Audio Remote app, the controlling is easy. This app allows you to regulate prominent Soundbar functions like volume, power, and media controls. Moreover, you can regulate customizable functions like the equalizer.
  • From any Bluetooth-compatible devices, you can connect wirelessly to employ one-touch control. Just choose the Soundbar for the purpose of pairing and automatically power it on for a flawless home entertainment experience.

3. Klipsch Reference R-10SW 10″ 300w Powered Subwoofer:

Listening to music tracks, the sound of games and videos will be an immersive experience with the addition of R–10SW powered subwoofer to your home theater. This 10-inch subwoofer is dedicated to offering the finest flexibility of position in any room to experience pulse pounding bass according to the requirement.  Whenever you wish to attain a 5.1 system or a 5.1 on the Richter scale, this reference R-10SW subwoofer is a suitable choice. Basically, this is a high-performance subwoofer that presents the deep bass and deployment flexibility. The appreciation for the same goes to its front firing driver as well as all digital amplifier.  Its included all-digital amplifier offers sufficient power with great efficiency and true-to-source precision in reproduction. This implies how effective the output from this 10-inch subwoofer would be.

Its functioning is unique to let you combine the low-frequency tones of the subwoofer with other Klipsch speakers. Moreover, it allows for establishing the perfect level of bass.  While watching action movies, awesome sound output is heard. Occasionally when there is no sound emitted from the speakers, you will find the presence of the subwoofer sound that generates an atmosphere. In addition to enjoying your favorite videos and games, this subwoofer is an excellent device for the music. Compared to the other cheap quality subwoofer units available in the market, this one from Klipsch is presented in the ideal size to easily set up in a compact space like an apartment or a small living room.


  • In this R-10SW subwoofer, powerful 10″ copper-spun front-firing woofer is present to deliver flawless music experience.
  • Its all-digital amplifier offers 300 watts of dynamic power.
  • It comes with the low pass crossover and phase control.
  • Availability of the line/LFE inputs is helpful for compatibility with the majority of the receivers.
  • The Injection Molded Graphite (IMG) woofers are extremely lightweight yet rigid. In this way, this 10-inch subwoofer unit offers excellent low-frequency response, with least cone breakup and distortion.
  • To operate this Klipsch wireless subwoofer, simply plug-and-play; you just need to plug the wireless transmitter on the subwoofer-out port in the amp.

2. MartinLogan Dynamo 700W 10″ Subwoofer with Wireless (Black):

Based on the great success of the original Dynamo, the designers from MartinLogan worked relentlessly to generate the powerful, compact Dynamo 700W. Its classic black color will suit in a casual and professional environment both. Structure of this 10-inch subwoofer showcases a high-current 300-watt RMS, 10-inch cone driver, and a 600-watt peak amplifier. The Dynamo 700W offers deep bass for enjoying the finest stereo music or home theater experience. What makes it so appealing is its standard down-firing configuration. This configuration is capable to instantly transform the unit into a front-firing setup. This is extremely useful for people who like a concealed installation.

In this 700W subwoofer unit, there is the inclusion of the wireless transmitter and receiver especially for bass lovers who like a compact look. There will be no messy cables visible and all of them are concealed. You will find that the bass is accurate and tight after you configure it for your room. It feels like walls are shaking when this subwoofer is operated. Based on your preference, you may use this wireless subwoofer in the down-firing position. Those music aficionados looking for a versatile subwoofer with excellent bass output can definitely try this product.


  • Inside this 700W wireless subwoofer, there is the presence of the 10-inch poly cone woofer and 300 watts (600 watts peak) amplifier.
  • You can make a selection from the front-firing or down-firing configuration options.
  • It comes with the SWT-2 wireless connection to let you enjoy music output from a far distance.
  • The maximum wireless range supported is 30 to 40 feet.
  • It comes with the sealed cabinet to prevent the adverse effects of external factors.

1. Meidong Sound Bar with Subwoofer:

The 2.1 channel based sound bar with subwoofer allows you to relish a dynamic home audio experience. This is made possible with the inclusion of the surround sound.  At the convenience of your home, you will be benefitted with the lifelike theater sound. In this subwoofer system, the soundbar, rear speakers, and subwoofer generate genuine surround sound. This will let you enjoy your favorite movies with complete satisfaction.  You will feel as if the comprehensive and Immersive sound is floating all over your room. A stable, high-quality audio connection is presented to let you enjoy whatever you want, right from audio to video. The same is possible through an assortment of wired connections, and the advanced Bluetooth wireless technology.

You can immerse yourself in your favorite movie through the 2.1 channels of real surround sound. The Meidong’s virtual surround sound technology lets you position at the center of the movies by imitating the cinematic surround sound. Generally, there would be no issues regarding the compatibility because this sound bar with subwoofer functions with your TV-optical cable. So, you just need to confirm that the TV internal speakers are turned off while utilizing optical and aux inputs.  Ultimately, you would find that the sound quality is superior to the TV.


  • The audio and video contents would avail the required power through a 70 W 2.1 inch speaker system and subwoofer. So, the astounding sound quality is guaranteed.
  • Facility of the wired subwoofer improves your TV viewing experience and delivers strong bass whenever you are occupied watching your preferred shows and movies.
  • It is easy to pair this subwoofer unit through Bluetooth from up to 33 feet distance. This broad connectivity range allows you to relish excellent audio quality. Alternatively, you may choose the wired connection incorporating RCA or aux or optical inputs. The corresponding cables for all these three input types are included in the package.

Powerful sound quality, the simplicity of use, the absence of distortion and many more characteristic makes the wireless subwoofers preferred choice among music enthusiasts. Now your music experience will be elevated towards perfection with the choice of any of these wireless subwoofer units.

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