Top 10 Best Toilet Seat Riser in 2020

Toilet seat risers are increasingly popular because of the versatility they offer. The unique design of this product makes it suitable for all ages, especially the elderly and the disabled. Even babies can feel the softness and warmth when using this item, so it’s more convenient to help your child use the toilet than using traditional toilet seats. Therefore, this feature is extremely effective in ensuring safety for everyone. If you are living in a family with many members, then toilet seat riser is an ideal solution to serve everybody in the house well.

On top of that, this is a great product for people with disabilities. With these advantages, you will no longer have to be uncomfortable every time you go to the toilet on cold days. However, a toilet seat riser will only work if it suits your needs. Keep reading our reviews below to be able to make the right decision.

List of 10 best toilet seat risers on Amazon

10. Yunga Tart Toilet Raised Seat – Best for Money

With the help from this toilet seat riser from Yunga, the toilet process will not be any more difficult. Equally important, the unique structure of the seat riser will help it adhere to the toilet, so every move of the user can hardly move this product. What is more, comfort and smoothness are the outstanding advantages not to be missed from this item.

In addition to the features mentioned above, this framework also supports you in other operations. You can even put some of your personal equipment on top of this product neatly and cleanly. Last but not least, the premium materials assist you with regular cleaning to keep them hygienic. That is why it is one of the most popular products on the market these days.


  • Portable and convenient for transportation
  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Padded handles for extra comfort
  • Smooth feeling during use


  • Its price is slightly high

9. Drive Medical Standard Seat Hinged Toilet Riser – Simple Design

This seat riser from Drive Medical has a special design to increase the balance of the users. This also helps you quickly install it without the help of bulky devices. Its ergonomic design is able to help you minimize complex movements as well as ensure you are always in the most comfortable state when using this item. Therefore, you do not need to bend over so you will not get aches, especially in the knee area.

Plus, its surface is specially designed to increase slip resistance, so it is relatively safe for old people and babies. Besides, its unique design does not damage the original toilet equipment. Equally important, the unique and flexible structure of this product helps it quickly attach to the toilet so you do not slip when used. For all of these great features, this product should be on your consideration list.


  • Fit perfectly most toilets
  • Heavy-duty molded construction
  • Lightweight and portable to carry around
  • Easy to install or remove


  • Less bearing capacity than similar products

8. AquaSense Raised White Lid Toilet Seat Riser

This AquaSense product is a toilet seat riser designed to provide safe solutions for the elderly, pregnant women, and people with limited mobility. With this device, these customers will no longer have any difficulty in toileting. In particular, the product is equipped with a lid for you to freely customize. Its simple structure helps you quickly install this device to your toilet. This only takes a few minutes and a little effort.

To further enhance safety, this toilet seat riser is also equipped with additional handles to support the ability to balance customers when using. And yet, the smooth surface of the metal frame makes it simple for you to clean it regularly. Therefore, you can own an item that always looks new, saving you a considerable amount of money. No matter which feature you are looking for, this product can be a great option for your needs and preferences.


  • A lid is included
  • Durable materials for greater softness
  • Suitable for many types of toilet
  • Affordable price


  • It is a bit hard to remove

7. NOVA Medical Products Standard Raised Under Toilet Seat Riser

This made by NOVA Medical Products toilet seat riser is a device that measures 3.75 inches in height, suitable for users of average body size. At this height, you will no longer have to bend over so much every time you go to the toilet, so you will avoid aches and pains in the pelvic area, back, and hips. Every time you don’t need this device, you can simply take a few minutes to remove it completely.

In addition to the features mentioned above, high-class materials are one of the outstanding advantages that cannot be ignored by this NOVA Medical Products toilet seat riser. The durable materials and sturdy frame help the device to accompany your family for years in a row without any sign of damage. Not only that, its smooth surface makes it easy and convenient to clean regularly. Therefore, this product may always look like new.


  • Install and remove easily
  • Durable and sturdy structure
  • Large bearing capacity
  • High-quality materials for a long-time use


  • Only suitable for standard toilets

6. Essential Medical Supply Removable Arms Riser Standard Bowl Toilet Seat

This is a fairly versatile product of Essential Medical Supply designed to assist you effectively in many different spaces in your home. Not only suitable for different types of toilets, but it can also be considered as an effective solution for you to use in the bathroom comfortably. Besides, it is rated as one of the safest cheap options for the elderly, pregnant women, and those with limited mobility.

On top of that, it rises to 5 inches for your toilet to help people with spinal and back problems. This product is also equipped with a safety lock latch to minimize the risk of slippery. Therefore, you no longer have to worry every time your elderly family members use this device. Plus, it can withstand weights up to 300 lbs, suitable for many user body sizes.


  • Easy to install
  • Simple to clean regularly
  • Withstands great weight
  • The handle is soft and comfortable


  • Slightly small for some users

5. Vive Raised Portable Elevated Toilet Seat Padded Handles Commode Lifter Safety Extender

This Vive toilet seat riser will give your toilet 5 inches of height to become a safe solution for the elderly, those with limited mobility, and those who have just undergone surgery. The handles are covered by a soft cushion for users to feel comfortable and easy to control the product. Not only that, but these handles are also tightly attached to the seat riser so that you and other family members do not slip during use.

Besides, its structure is relatively simple so you can comfortably install it in many different spaces in your house. The installation and dismantling processes also only need some basic steps to complete. This saves you a considerable amount of time and effort. The high-quality material of the product makes it possible to clean it regularly with regular detergents instead of toxic chemicals.


  • Backed with soft handles
  • Ergonomic and compact design
  • Easy to assemble or dismantle
  • Affordable price


  • Less bearing capacity than competing products

4. Vaunn Medical Commode Booster Elevated Raised Removable Padded Locking Toilet Seat

This toilet seat riser is manufactured by Vaunn with a relatively large area of use to suit many different body sizes of customers and users. It is an ideal product for people with osteoarthritis, those who undergo surgery on the thighs, hips, or back, and pregnant women with limited mobility. It helps the user to be more comfortable in standing up and bending movements, minimizing any potential aches and pains.

Equally important, the premium quality of this product makes it very easy to clean it regularly. Therefore, the seat riser is not only guaranteed to be hygienic but also always looks new. Plus, these durable materials ensure toughness and long service life for the product. With a relatively compact design, you can simply move it to the desired indoor location. In addition, the travel no longer makes you nervous because you will conveniently bring this item with you.


  • The balance is optimized with the handle
  • Suitable for many different spaces
  • Easy for regular cleaning
  • Simple and compact to carry around


  • It is hard to sit at the beginning

3. PCP Raised Safety Frame Toilet Seat Secure Elevated Over Lift Bowl

The toilet seat riser from this PCP has a unique design when it comes with a sturdy frame to ensure maximum user safety. This product is considered a great item for customers suffering from osteoarthritis diseases in areas such as knees, hips, back, and thighs. Plus, the special structure allows this seat riser to be moved from one room to another in your home easily and smoothly. This feature is an extremely prominent advantage to serve users who are injured.

And yet, you will no longer have to worry about the bulkiness of this toilet seat riser from PCP because it is designed to be easily removed. With this feature, you only need a few basic steps to be able to install the product as you want.


  • Equipped with a sturdy frame
  • Easy to carry and store
  • Simple to clean regularly
  • The versatility is optimized


  • The price is quite high

2. Carex E-Z Raised Lock Toilet Seat 5 Inches

The next toilet seat riser on the list is manufactured by Carez with designs that are relatively suitable for many bathrooms and toilets today. This product has been described as an effective solution for people who suffer from arthritis, lose balance, and have limited mobility. It will help you to forget the difficulties of going to the toilet or bathing if you have unpleasant injuries and aches in the back, hips, or thighs.

More importantly, it is made of durable materials that can withstand large volumes. The superior materials and rugged construction make this toilet seat riser the perfect companion for your family for years in a row. And yet, the compact design of the product makes it more convenient to easily store it in the warehouse when not in use without taking up too much space.


  • Ergonomic and compact design
  • Trendy style to fit many types of toilet
  • Easy and simple to install
  • Durable and premium materials


  • Its price is slightly high

1. Carex Toilet 5 Inch Slip-Resistant Best Seller Seat Riser – Best Overall

The first toilet seat riser on this list is a product from Carex that was created to add 5 inches to your toilet. Its ruggedness makes it able to withstand up to 300 pounds of weight. This product is introduced as a great low-cost solution for the elderly, disabled, or those who have just undergone surgery. Plus, its design fits perfectly to the size of the toilets that are popular today in the market. Therefore, you will be assured of the wonderful fit that this product offers.

Besides, the installation of the product is extremely simple with just a few basic operations. This saves you a considerable amount of time and effort. In addition, when not in use, you can easily remove it and store it neatly in the warehouse without taking up too much space. Last but not least, this toilet seat riser from Carex can be considered as a versatile product because it is also suitable for bathing.


  • Popular design with many types of toilets today
  • Very affordable price
  • Simple to install and dismantle
  • Anti-slip quite effectively


  • Easy to get dirty


Toilet seat risers are gaining popularity because it can help many people, especially the elderly and the disabled. Since there are so many options available out there, it is important to consider carefully before making the final decision. We hope the above reviews can help you buy a suitable seat riser.

Top 10 Best Toilet Seat Riser in 2020
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