Top 10 Best Small Backpacks In 2020

For short or long distance trip, a person needs to pack some essential stuff along with him or her. For instance, the snacks, wallet, passport, credit card, and many other important items are vital to carry along with. It is not possible to accommodate such items inside pockets and therefore, there are small backpacks available on the market. Their compact size allows an individual to easily carry it and move freely. There would be no perils associated with the stored items.  Besides, their fun and appealing design would refresh your mood too. Most of them are durably constructed to last longer without any compromise in the quality. It would be quite a simple task to access the stored items from these backpacks. Before purchasing, you need to focus on certain essential factors like weight, size, design, durability, simplicity of carrying around, etc. You will be acquainted with the details of the best small backpacks by reading below.

Here are the Top 10 Best Small Backpacks on :

10. Scarleton Chic Casual Backpack H1608:

The stylish backpack from Scarleton is prepared in a casual style to make it look unique. Its appearance is made elegant enough to use it in the form of a purse. Actually, this hybrid backpack is the ideal accessory for school, office, playing, etc. Its interior is made spacious and it is affordably priced. The overall design is made modern to convey a unique style quotient. It comes with sufficient organized storage, adequate room for keys, cell phone, wallet, and other essential items. Those individuals who focus excessively on style, for them, this casual backpack is a perfect answer. Being chic, convenient, affordable and functional, you will find your investment wise.

Features of this Small Backpacks:

  • Manufacturing of this stylish backpack is done using the ultra soft, decent quality synthetic vegan leather along with fabric lining.
  • To ensure the safety of the items kept inside it comes with the top zipper closure.
  • All your essential items can be kept inside the interior cell phone pocket and tiny side zipper pocket. Besides, the backpack possesses an exterior front and back zipper pockets.
  • Its size is 11.6″ x 11.8″ x 5.9″.

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9. Women Cute Leather Ladies Shopping Casual Backpack:

The exquisitely streamlined stitching at the exterior and fully lined interior along silky fabric offers an adorable appearance to this casual backpack. Prepared out of leather, it would not compromise durability and would feel pleasant to use. The built-in zipper is of high quality and possesses high resistance to rust and tarnishing. In this way, this backpack product would appear shiny for several years. For all women and girls, it is known to be a great gift idea since the backpack is made in mini size and lets the look chic. The bear pendant decor would convey fashionable appearance in a unique way.

During its making, the makers use superior quality artificial PU material. This material is found to be soft, safe, odorless and comfortable to use. Its polyester lining is found to be smooth and durable; it would not tear off.

Features of this Small Backpacks:

  • It only weighs 0.5kg, so any individual can easily carry it and travel anywhere. Females may use it for daily use, day trips, shopping, and short travel.
  • There will be no space issues while accommodating keys, wallets, cell phones, and other small accessories.
  • Its structure highlights a zipper closure along with the adjustable shoulder straps.
  • There is the special inclusion of multiple pockets to neatly organize items of varying size. There is a main compartment, a front button pocket, a zipper back pocket, an interior phone pocket, an interior zipper pocket, and 2 side pockets.

8. Cute Mini Leather Backpack:

When the discussion comes to quality and appearance, this backpack would surpass your usual expectations. In simple terms, this leather backpack is made in mini size and adorable design. Its construction utilizes durable thick faux leather along with polyester lining.  Overall the trendy design would suit the cute and feminism of ladies. Presence of the bowknot on the surface would supplement the extra factor of cuteness and allows the backpack to appear new. It is certain that it would entice every individual’s attention due to its stylish appearance. You may use it for educational purpose, daily use, office use, traveling, etc. Regardless of your profession, this leather backpack is an ideal choice for different occasions.

Features of this Small Backpacks:

  • To convey high durability, the high-quality metal accessories are included and there is the clean stitching.
  • Users can easily carry it through a sewed top short handle and retractable double shoulder straps. These straps allow you to use this leather backpack in a hands-free style.
  • There is a spacious main zip compartment available along with 2 internal slip pockets to store your cell phone, iPad mini, power bank, makeup, and wallet.

7. DIOMO Mini Women Backpacks:

The simple design yet casual styled backpack will suit in hands of any women. It is now not a stressful incidence to hold wallet, small books, iPad Mini, keys and other items. This is because this DIOMO stylish backpack product will seamlessly hold such items in a safe manner. Usually, it suits excellently for school, hiking, camping, traveling, gym, sports, and can work as a holiday weekend bag.

Features of this Small Backpacks:

  • For long-term use, the material used is decent quality PU leather whereas the interior is made using polyester.
  • The facility of top zipper closure can safely hold the items inside.
  • Taking a look at its inside structure, it possesses interior zipper pockets, 2 tiny pocket-style organizers to accommodate cards, and there is a front zipper pocket.

6. HITOP Mini Backpack Purse:

HITOP prepared this backpack in the form of a purse to represent the chic and multifunctional design. Being a lightweight bag, it would not feel too bulky when holding in hands. You may utilize it in the form of a chest bag, mini backpack purse, sling bag, and a shoulder bag. Its functionalities seem to be functional for indoor or outdoor uses. This cute looking bag would flawlessly fit for a wide range of activities like walking, sports, yoga, travel, swimming, shopping, gym, and many more. Through its multicolored design, it is typically an outstanding gift product for both men and women.

Features of this Small Backpacks:

  • The high-quality configuration is showcased through the presence of the durable canvas fabric.
  • Its surface has retractable and easy-to-use shoulder straps. These straps are capable to uniformly distribute the load on the shoulder. So, they are ideal for limiting the back pain while you use it in the form of a normal purse.
  • Its capacity is made through the availability of several pockets.
  • HITOP included a front zipper pouch and an internal pocket to safely accommodate wallet, cell phone, and other tiny items.

5. Small Backpack Purse for Women:

A woman of any age could conveniently carry this purse styled backpack showcased in a petite size. There is a broad application scope perceived while using this compact sized backpack –sports, camping, hiking, running, climbing, cycling, outings, bike riding, travel vacation, etc. For any weekend shopper, the neat and simple are the key aspects to focus on. Its size is made perfect so that you may include all the essential accessories. Provision of the exceptionally designed straps alleviates the pressure laid on the shoulder. Furthermore, the cushion comes with superior quality permeability material. This material makes sure there would be no perspiration while you carry it for a prolonged time.

Features of this Small Backpacks:

  • The exterior is prepared using the decent quality waterproof nylon whereas the lining is made sturdy using Polyester.
  • It just weighs 0.5 lbs and comes with the superb weight carrying capacity of up to 15 lbs.
  • You can keep different sized items inside the main zip pocket, 2 side pockets, a front zip pocket, a back pocket and 3 inside pocket.

4. LuckyZ Womens Canvas Backpack:

Prepared using the soft yet durable materials, this canvas backpack exhibits a smooth hand-feel. This type of smooth experience is convenient for ladies to carry it in the form of a stylish casual daypack. For traveling or outdoor use, this LuckyZ backpack is a perfect answer. It can function seamlessly as a bookbag for carrying it to school or college. Its size is medium size yet comes with the roomy space for accommodating 10-inch laptop, books, clothes, and several other daily essentials. The corresponding main pocket comes with ample space to tote all the essentials while going out.

Features of this Small Backpacks:

  • The lightweight canvas is soft and presents a high-quality feel.
  • It offers excellent support up to 6lbs.
  • It would be no difficulty to fit a wallet, a portable charger, sunglasses case, camera, snacks, water bottle, and much more.

3. hotstyle Bestie 12″ Cute Mini Small Backpack:

A customized, stylish book-bag style backpack from hotstyle, this compact sized backpack is versatile. Its versatility lets you observe its application for school, college, travel, office, weekend activities, etc. It is astounding to carry around while you go on adventurous trips or hiking. Its adorable design seems appealing and simple to carry in the form of a small bag. Besides, its convertible structure showcases the two-way carry design. Therefore, it can be instantly transferred to a fashionable handbag or ladies may just carry it in the form of a trendy backpack purse.

Features of this Small Backpacks:

  • The special presence of adjustable straps allows you to carry in the desired comfortable alignment.
  • High durability is conveyed through the water-resistant polyester material and every seam is reinforced.
  • It comes with the side water bottle holders, tiny interior organizers, 10-inch laptop compartment, and a total of 10 pockets.
  • Measurements are 11.8 (H) x 8.3 (W) x 4.7 (D) inches.

2. JanSport Superbreak Backpack:

Exhibiting classic silhouette, the JanSport SuperBreak backpack is essentially made ultralight for daily use. To suit the taste of different customers, the backpack is presented in 30+ diverse colors and prints. Any of the colors can be chosen based on your style requirement and type of expression to showcase. Since 1967, JanSport is actively involved in manufacturing packs and outdoor gear.  Every bag from this renowned brand comes with a lifetime warranty. Its ultimate classic style suits in the majority of the occasions and even for everyday use.

Features of this Small Backpacks:

  • With the use of 100{bf26210263a25b9df100fa9a23870ea80070ad6bc9581e007538b5809ec50658} Polyester and coated durable 600 denier fabric, this version of the stylish bag is made resistant to water and abrasion. This kind of unique construction keeps all the contents dry.
  • Its overall size is not too small, not too big. With a spacious compartment and a handy front pocket, ultimate convenience is experienced while using outdoors.
  • Its lightweight structure is helpful to carry for a long distance trip.
  • An exterior pocket is available in which you can keep the most used items.

1. hotstyle TRENDYMAX Galaxy Backpack:

All the school going toddlers will highly admire this galaxy designed backpack due to its lots of functionality. Firstly, its appearance showcases galaxy design to let is look elegant. Next, it is made durable and spacious enough to hold all the essential supplies. Even if you pack 3 heavy textbooks inside, it will not feel flattering.  With the correct amount of pockets to hold important stuff, this trendy galaxy backpack is highly functional.

For a person of any age, it is made highly sturdy and long-lasting. It is an impeccable bag to keep all the essential supplies organized and it comes in average size. You can choose from the multiple patterns. The included two side pockets would sufficiently fit water bottles.  Besides, it encompasses a huge opening for kids’ books and other educational stuff.

Features of this Small Backpacks:

  • The printing is made all over and the polyester material is used throughout the structure.
  • Available at the measurements of 16″x12″x6″, it can perfectly hold 15.4-inch laptop and comes with 20-liter capacity.
  • It can work as a multi-pockets bookbag to hold laptop compartment, water bottle, snacks, etc.

The discussed small backpacks can be utilized as a school bag, casual handbag purse or just a bag. Their lightweight and durable construction suits personal or professional use for weekenders, students, working professionals, old-aged persons, etc.

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