Top 10 Best Mountain Bike Helmets in 2020 (MTB Helmets)

When you ride the mountain bike across unknown terrains, and different lighting conditions, the risk of injuries are always present. You may not know what harm your body part may face due to the accidents caused during mountain biking. One of the most vulnerable body organ during bike riding is the head. This is because the head is susceptible to injuries and pain due to accidents on the road. It is therefore recommended to protect your head against accidental injuries. One of the best, easy and safe approach to secure your head while mountain biking is to wear a helmet.

For riding a bike across mountain rails, the regular helmets will not work effectively. It is because they cannot sustain severe shock and impacts. Hence, there are particular types of helmets for this purpose, i.e. the mountain bike helmets. Wearing these kinds of helmets will let you ride stress-free. The below-discussed mountain bike helmets will provide complete protection to your head:

Here is the list of The Best mountain bike helmets (MTB Helmets) on

10.  Giro Fixture Bike Helmet with MIPS:

The Giro Fixture bike helmet is exclusively designed to ensure complete head protection. In situations when you fall on the land, your head would stay protected without any concerns. No shocks and impacts can intensely affect your head. Its working mechanism is unique and practical –the helmet would collapse and evenly dispense off the pressure across your head. The extra protection functionality is the excellent quality of this bike helmet. The fixture MIPS brings confidence while riding and lets you ride in style. Packed in a compact design, these helmets would complement almost any ride, mainly when there is the presence of dirt beneath the tread.

Features of this Giro Fixture helmet:

  • In the construction, the shell material used is in-mold (polycarbonate).
  • It comes with the EPS foam and MIPS liner.
  • There is the availability of the visor.
  • The in-Mold construction is combined with the simplicity and comfort of the commended Roc Loc Sport fit system of the brand.
  • The Roc Loc is flawlessly incorporated with the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS). This system can convey energy and offer enhanced protection in several impacts.

9. Basecamp Bike Helmet, Cycling Helmet with CPSC Safety Certified:

The Basecamp helmet for bike or cycling makes use of excellent materials to provide proper impact resistance. During the making process, there is the use of thick, durable and study PVC & PC, EPS foam that assists in reducing the impact forces. Moreover, these materials of Basecamp helmet provide extraordinary protection to your head during the crash. Implementation of the excellent head circumference adjusts system suits the standard size. Availability of the easy-use dial mechanism and sidebands facilitate adjustability to various head size.

Features of this Basecamp Helmet:

  • This Basecamp helmet for cycling comes with superb taillight equipped with colossal light and backs up battery.
  • There is the inclusion of LED safety light along with three lighting modes –slow, steady, slow flashing & fast flashing.  The rider would be able to identify proper direction without any hassles.
  • In total, there are two holes available for proper attachment to attune the size. Basecamp helmet adjusted size is suitable for small or big head forms.
  • In this bike Basecamp helmet, there are 22 built-in flow vents to maintain coolness inside.
  • Even though this basecamp helmet didn’t design to be a full face helmet but it still also protect your head from danger.

8. Bormart Cycling Bike Helmet,Lightweight Adult Bike Helmet:

Popular due to the lightweight design and easy-to-use functionality, the adult bike helmet is suitable for different sports activities. The brand Bormart prepared this helmet, keeping in mind adjustability. You will undoubtedly relish an enjoyable and safe journey while riding. This adult mountain bike helmet comes with easy-to-use dial method and sideband to facilitate adjustability to various head size.

Features Bormart Cycling helmet:

  • The suitable head circumference varies from 55cm to 60 cm.
  • Impact resistance is offered with the use of sturdy, durable and lightweight PVC & PC, EPS foam.
  • It comes with the honeycomb type 18 vents to facilitate excellent ventilation.
  • Implementation of the unique aerodynamic and ventilation design facilitates proper entry of air through this biking helmet.
  • It has an adjustable visor and chin strap.
  • This Bormart Cycling helmet design with EPS foam and MIPS liner.

7.  Base Camp AIRCROSS Road Bike Helmet with Detachable Shield Visor – M Size 21.25-22.83 Inches:

Presented in the M size, the road bike Basecamp helmet comes with a removable shield visor to experience flawless riding and chin strap which protect from damage your chin when having an accident. In this Basecamp AIRCROSS road bike helmet, the execution of the cooling mechanism comes with huge vents, deep internal channels, exhaust ports and glass that can protect dusk when you’re riding a bike. This kind of arrangement facilitates proper ventilation.

Features Basecamp helmet:

  • The inclusion of the removable anti-microbial padding works to limit the growth of bacteria by absorbing sweat from the head of the rider.
  • The fabric’s natural property stops the growth of microbes that create odours.
  • In this road bike helmet, the magnetically secured optical shield presents the wraparound eye protection along with complete optical clarity.
  • Execution of the BC micro-dial fit mechanism provides omnidirectional coverage and alignment with adjustable, secure height. This height offers comprehensive protection, comfort, and support.
  • This Basecamp helmet is found suitable for head circumference ranging from 21.25 to 22.83 inches.

6. TeamObsidian Premium Quality Airflow Bike Helmet with in-Molded Reinforcing Skeleton:

The premium quality of airflow mountain bike helmet from TeamObsidian is prepared with superior technology to make sure you ride safely. The brand follows three critical steps to attain a solid construction and well-crafted design. The sturdy design makes sure you will stay safe during the situations of the accident. Overall, this premium quality of mountain bike helmet is refreshing, vented and protected from external impacts. Gradually, you will find how cycling turned safer, more comfortable and more enjoyable.

Features TeamObsidian helmet:

  • In total, there are 22 large air vents to maintain excellent airflow over the head and a low profile.
  • You will not feel the extra weight on your head because the helmet weighs 0.63 lbs.
  • Implementation of shock absorption technology can be found.
  • It comes with the sleek matte design to present a classy look and removable visor to provide continuous protection from external elements.
  • The bike helmet comes with the washable pads as well as a cushioned chin strap to enhance the comfort,
  • Within a few seconds, this airflow bike helmet can be adjusted. It comes with a quick release chin strap along with a dial fit on the back side. This dial is horizontally adjustable for presenting snugger, tighter fit.

5. Exclusky BMO Mountain Bike Helmet:

The Exclusky BMO mountain bike helmet provides the best cranial coverage and safety by supporting the occipital bone to provide comprehensive protection. This would indirectly let the rider ride the bike with more confidence on uneven terrain. You will perceive that you can accomplish mountain bike riding with fresh air and comfort. Also, your body will be exercised to stay fit. This BMO bike helmet is found suitable for all mountain biking.  

Features Exclusky BMO helmet:

  • Construction of this bike helmet features 21 large vents for providing maximum ventilation. It comes with all the essential features you require to perform mountain biking on all terrain. These features are packed in a lightweight structure.
  • This contemporary, comfortable helmet is devised particularly for trail riding.
  • Its size is found suitable for head circumferences ranging from 22.05″ to 24.01″. Due to the Fit System, the helmet would fit most standard adult sizes.
  • It is quite easy to remove and adjust the visor.
  • As per your convenience, you can adjust the dial adjustment either horizontally or vertically.
  • With the help of the insect-proof net, your head will stay protected from insects and other external elements.

4. Basecamp NEO Mountain Bike Trail Helmet

The NEO helmet is one of the best, and it is comfortable, modern, and feature-rich MTB helmet. This Base Camp mountain bike helmet is prepared mainly for trail riding and consider as the ideal choice for all the adventure enthusiasts. Its overall shape represents the modern look and appealing aesthetic. The presence of the broadside and rear coverage presents extra protection for vulnerable areas. Its construction makes use of the unibody shell construction. This type of installation helps to enhance safety by enhancing the strength of the structural integrity of this helmet.

Features Basecamp helmet:

  • This NEO bike helmet provides the optimal cranial coverage and safety by effectively supporting the occipital bone. This kind of arrangement guarantees comprehensive protection, and you can ride confidently on any terrain.
  • Its construction features 18 massive vents for enhancing the ventilation.
  • Due to its lightweight structure, your head will not feel bulky.
  • The head circumference ranging from 22.5 to 24.5 inches is suitable to fit inside this bike helmet.
  • Implementation of the SH-18 Fit System assists in fitting the majority of the standard adult sizes.
  • According to your requirement, the visor can be removed and adjusted.
  • The use of less number of seams enhances strength and protection.

3.  Schwinn Thrasher Microshell Bicycle Helmet:

Bike riding enthusiasts are always keen to enjoy the pleasure of bike riding with friends, completing the training regime or going on the leisure bike riding. All these desires are successfully accomplished with the help of this Schwinn bicycle helmet. Safe riding experience is assured because this micro shell bicycle Schwinn helmet comes with the dual-fit, 360-degree flexible system. This system facilitates on-the-fly adjustments.

Features of this Schwinn Helmet:

  • The Schwinn Helmet has the functioning of the tapeless technology improves durability and lets you appear stylish.
  • Your head will stay cool with the help of 21 flow vents.
  • There is the availability of the snap-on visor to provide excellent protection from the elements.
  • For durability and comfort, the heat-sealed pads are included.
  • The full-shell coverage is offered for the ultimate protection.
  • It is quite simple to adjust webbing for attaining a comfortable fit. And best fit for downhill riding.
  • Your head will stay dry with the help of moisture-wicking pads.

2.  Sefulim Specialized Cycle Helmet Adult Racing Bike Cycling Helmets:

The Sefulim adult bicycle helmet is specially created to provide safety, comfort, and adjustability. No inconvenience is faced in the head while riding a bike on different terrain. Important aspects like safety and comfort are incorporated inside to make your investment worthy. All the products from Sefulim, including this cycling helmet, would improve your bike riding experience. It came to know that this cycling helmet is prepared with safety, superior quality in-mould design as well as an adjustable strap. Overall, the appearance is elegant and the helmet cam well packed.

Features Sefulim Helmet bicycle helmet:

  • This adult racing and bike cycling helmet are capable of absorbing the impact and decreasing the shock pressure to secure your head during an accident.
  • In total, 22 vents maintain coolness inside your head. And it is very comfortable for trail riding.
  • The 54cm to 60cm adjustable strap facilitates easy adjustability.
  • The design looks cool and best fit for the young generation that usually around 30 years old.
  • This mountain bike helmet has adjustable visor which allows you to custom what is best for you.

1.  Basecamp Specialized Bike Helmet with Safety Light, CPSC Certified, Adjustable Sport Cycling Helmet:

The Basecamp helmet specialized bike helmet is prepared using the unusual materials that are resistant to impact. This cycling helmet is CPSC certified, and it makes use of thick, robust, and durable PVC & PC, EPS foam. This kind of foam is beneficial to reduce the impact forces and provide protection to your head. During all three seasons, this bike helmet works perfectly — no need to worry about riding your bike during the day or nighttime. The presence of LED rare safety light assures complete safety.

Features Basecamp helmet:

  • This sports cycling helmet comes with wonderfully working taillight equipped with a big light and the backup battery.
  • The included LED safety light is equipped with three lighting modes; they are – slow, steady, slow flashing and fast flashing. These modes will assist people present behind to see your direction.
  • You can use the back battery when required.
  • Basecamp helmet comes with the excellent head circumference adjust the system. The standard size is equipped with the convenient dial system along with side straps. These components help the rider to adjust the helmet to suit different head size easily.
  • Basecamp helmet removable brim stylish design of the visor offers shade while biking.

The prime factors to focus on while buying the mountain bike helmet are protection, durability, adjustability, comfort, and ventilation. For different sports activities where your head may be vulnerable to injury, you can conveniently wear this type of helmet. Read more about mountain bike light CLICK HERE.

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