Top 10 Best Mini Wireless Keyboard in 2020

Reduction of cable mess on the desk is usually a preferred idea for those willing to work neatly on their desk. Any office desk or home office desk is incomplete without the appropriate computer system. Right from the monitor to the mouse, each and every component plays a vital role in delivering the finest user experience. One of the prominent computer accessories is the keyboard. You can type, program, and play games using a keyboard. The place of the wired keyboard is now obtained by the wireless keyboard to present flexibility and simplicity of use. It would be extremely easy to navigate the desired options and settings through such keyboards. To save the space, there are many wireless keyboards designed in the compact size. Take a look at the best quality mini wireless keyboards available currently.

Here are the Top 10 Best Mini Wireless Keyboard on that we found out:

10. (Updated, Backlit) Rii i8+ 2.4GHz Small Wireless Keyboard:

Rii’s i8+ is considered as the premier compact keyboard in the present market. Its sole specialty is the inclusion of a touchpad DPI adjustable functionality and included high sensitive smart touchpad. It is found that this touchpad is equipped with 360-degree flip design to enhance flexibility. Its entire appearance is made new and classic to offer simplicity of use.

The advanced LED backlit function could be utilized with LED lighting Qwerty keyboard along with PC gaming control keys and multimedia control keys. Basically, this is a 3-in-1 multifunctional 2.4GHz compact wireless keyboard with USB interface adapter and LED backlit. Generally, this updated wireless keyboard from Rii works flawlessly for devices like PC, Mac, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, HTPC, Google Android TV Box, and IPTV.


  • The combination of the 92 keys wireless QWERTY keyboard with touchpad supports multi-finger functions.
  • In this compact keyboard, the single finger click work as left mouse function, two-finger click work as the right mouse function, and the double finger drag work as the rolling screen.
  • It can be rotated in any alignment according to your convenience.

9. Mini Bluetooth Keyboard, Fosmon Portable Lightweight Keyboard:

It is suggested from the name that this mini wireless keyboard from Fosmon is lightweight and portable. This innovatively designed and compact keyboard incorporates touchpad that offers ultimate comfort with the liberty of wireless connectivity. Through this keyboard unit, it is extremely simple to connect to any devices. It can work flawlessly for browsing, navigating or streaming on a smart TV.

Those who are game enthusiast can use this mini keyboard to play video games on their smartphones, laptops or tablets. It is a straightforward process to connect to any of your preferred devices with this portable keyboard. It is a smooth experience to navigate the cursor using your thumb without touching your screen, keyboard or mouse. For use in a dark environment, this convenient backlit keyboard is a suitable choice.


  • You can conveniently operate this keyboard unit from a certain distance.
  • There is the execution of the Bluetooth 3.0 which comes with the operating range of approximately 10 meters,
  • Its structure houses a long-lasting lithium-ion rechargeable battery that offers up to 10 days of nonstop working time. Furthermore, it presents up to 50 days of standby time.
  • The inclusion of the LED indicators informs you whenever the battery drains and the instant when it is fully charged.

8. OMOTON Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard:

Presented in the ultra-slim design, this Bluetooth enabled keyboard comes with the cable-free use. Through the help of the Bluetooth connection, it is quite simple to connect your mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. You can type at your own convenience within the operating distance of up to 10 meters.  Its size is perfect for accommodating your fingers to relish an awesome typing experience. Also, its size is compact enough to accommodate inside a handbag. Generally, this OMOTON Bluetooth keyboard is found compatible with iPhones iPads, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.


  • Due to the reasonable layout, the qwerty layout with hot keys is personalized for iPads. Therefore, you can effortlessly control music, volume, brightness, etc.
  • It comes with the long battery life for 30-days nonstop use. A feature of the automatic sleep mode enables 6 months constant use amongst the battery changes.

7. Nulaxy KM12 Bluetooth Keyboard:

Being extremely portable and ultra-slim, the compact design of the KM12 Bluetooth keyboard simplifies the hassles regarding carrying around. You can conveniently pack this Nulaxy keyboard inside the backpack to make it suitable for a business trip or traveling. Presence of the comfortable keys let you type silently and flawlessly. The KM12 full-size universal keyboard offers awesome typing experience to enhance your work efficiency.  In the present market, this one is the most genuine keyboard with a stylish and slim design. Those business users who travel often, this KM12 keyboard unit is a perfect solution.


  • This Nulaxy Bluetooth keyboard is equipped with cross compatibility to work flawlessly with Windows, Android and iOS devices. These include iPad Air 3/2/1, iPad Mini 4/3/2/1, iPad Pro, iPhone X/8/8 Plus, iPad 4/3/ 2, smartphones, surface tablet, etc.
  • In order to switch OS, you just have to press Fn + Q (on Android OS) or Fn + W (on Windows OS) or Fn + E (on iOS).
  • It is simple to adjust smartphones, tablets or other devices through the use of the special stand. This will facilitate you with a convenient typing experience.
  • Its operation rolls into sleep mode automatically if there is inactivity for 15 minutes.

6. Jelly Comb 2.4GHz Ultra Slim Compact Rechargeable Wireless Keyboard:

Now you work conveniently in front of your PC or laptop from a far distance with this portable, compact wireless keyboard. If you are using a PC with Windows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, or Win 10, there will be no compatibility issues. Facility of the reliable 2.4GHz wireless connection is made complete through the USB receiver. Users can easily plug & play this compact keyboard without any installation of extra software. There are no charging concerns because this Jelly Comb keyboard incorporates lithium rechargeable battery. This battery could be effortlessly recharged through a USB cable.


  • Manufacturing of this ultra-slim wireless keyboard is accomplished through the use of durable aluminum material.  Ultra-slim design is conveyed with the use of the thinnest part of thickness 4mm.
  • The inclusion of the whisper-quiet keys makes sure you enjoy smooth typing experience without disturbing anyone around.
  • The included hotkeys present easy access to media control and applications.
  • Its corresponding scissor-switch construction keys would rebound quickly to indirectly enhance work efficiency.
  • The comfortable typing experience is presented through a stable scissor mechanism under each key.

5. Rii RT-MWK12+ Mini K12 Stainless Steel Cover Wireless Keyboard:

The 3-in1 multimedia compact wireless keyboard with touchpad is an excellent solution for gaming, presentations, mobile device control, HTPC control, etc. The reason why more and more customers are enticed to go for this Rii mini wireless keyboard is its ergonomic design and lightweight structure. It can be conveniently utilized for computers, laptops, Smart TVs, Notebooks, Android TV box, HTPC, etc. The ultra-slim design is conveyed with a maximum thickness of 13mm.


  • This 2.4GHz wireless technology based keyboard comes with the auto sleep mode and wake up mode.
  • The included touchpad allows you to use this mini K12 keyboard in a vertical or horizontal fashion.
  • You can operate the keyboard within the 30 feet distance.
  • The incorporated rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery can be flawlessly charged through any standard USB port.

4. Ilebygo 2.4Ghz Tiny Wireless Keyboard:

Recognized as the cutting-edge wireless keyboard model from Ilebygo, this 2.4GHz based keyboard represents a unique aesthetic. It is specially designed to provide excellent matte touch feeling whenever used. The implementation of cutting-edge touchpad technology allows you to use this keyboard as a remote control. The annoying feeling due to bad viewing experience is now removed with this remote type wireless keyboard. There will be a significant improvement in the typing speed and your work efficiency.


  • The touchpad screen comes with the smart design to allow you to freely navigate your mouse on the 5.5inch touch area. This touchpad is comparable to the actual notebook or phone touchpad.
  • There will be noticeable saving in power due to the included 300mAh detachable Li-ion battery. When on standby, you can use this battery and keep it intact for a few weeks.
  • Its operation would transit into for auto-sleep when there is inactivity for 3 minutes.
  • Accessories included in this Ilebygo wireless keyboard package are a touchpad, USB receiver, USB charging line, and user manual.

3. REIIE H9+ Backlit Wireless Mini Handheld Remote Keyboard:

What sets this backlit wireless keyboard unique from the rest is the 3-in-1 multi-functional operation. In this handheld remote keyboard, you would find touchpad, LED backlit and backlit button. Its innovative shape represents elegance and great portability. Whether you are using a computer, laptop, iPad, Andriod TV Box, or HTPC/IPTV, this H9+ handheld keyboard is just perfect. Its ergonomic design matches the aesthetic of other computer accessories. This keyboard product represents an awesome combination of the 2.4GHz compact wireless QWERTY keyboard and touchpad. The advanced backlit LED along with micro USB interface adapter is ideal for presentations and lectures. It is possible to deliver and use your PC wirelessly from within a 15′ radius.


  • The maximum operating range of this backlit wireless keyboard is 15 meters. In this operating range, there would be no signal disturbance.
  • Its included rechargeable Li-ion battery comes with the longer standby time/
  • In this REIIE H9+ keyboard, a single finger click work as left mouse function, two-finger click work as the right mouse function, and double finger drag work as the rolling.
  • You can easily alter slides and screen options, highlight words
    and objects, and can write on the screen.


2. Aerb Backlit Mini Wireless Keyboard:

The handheld mini wireless keyboard from Aerb lets you play your media from a laptop, a streaming box, or smart TV. This D8 wireless keyboard equipped with the touchpad would be easily integrated to your PC system. It is found that the process of setup is extremely simple; just plug & play. It is possible to navigate through your media library with great flexibility. In order to use this mini backlit keyboard, just connect a 2.4GHz wireless dongle into the USB port of the streaming solution. Generally, it works well with PC, Mac, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, HTPC, IPTV, Google Android TV Box, etc.


  • Outstanding flexibility is presented through the built-in mouse and touchpad function.
  • There is no need for surplus scrolling on your remote and you need not hit each key multiple times.
  • With the included 300mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery, this Aerb keyboard presents long standby time.
  • Its operation facilitates a 10-hours battery life in each full charge.

1. Rii Mini Wireless 2.4GHz Keyboard:

Identified as the highly advanced wireless keyboard from Rii, this device implements the RF 2.4G wireless technology. This technology presents a reliable connection up to several feet of distance without any chances of interference. Its versatility allows it to be used with Windows 7 and Raspberry Pi. The included keys work flawlessly to present excellent working efficiency.  There is the facility of the touchpad on the side to add to the convenience. Its operation is very responsive and would tap when clicked. It is perfect for devices like PC, Mac, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, HTPC, IPTV, Google Android TV Box, etc.


  • In this wireless 2.4 GHz wireless keyboard, there is the inclusion of mouse and touchpad. These components are compact for Windows and Mac OS PCs, home theater PC users, IPTV, Google TV, Internet TV, Xbox 360, PS3, and Android TV box.
  • Its RF 2.4G wireless connection allows you to utilize the keyboard within 10m operating distance.
  • The corresponding ultra-sensitive touchpad is equipped with a 90-degree flip design.
  • Operation of its USB receiver does not require a driver, just plug & play.

It is now possible to operate your keyboard from a far distance and enjoy its compact size with the appropriate choice of the mini wireless keyboards. There would be minimal stress on your eyes and high work efficiency is guaranteed for gaming, programming or other computer tasks.

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