Top 10 Best Headphone Cases in 2020

While traveling to short or long distance trip, you may need to pack lots of stuff along with you. It is important to stay refreshed and energized during the trip. For that, listening to your favorite music or news through headphone works best. Generally, the travel trip involves lots of bumps on the road, scratches, wear & tear, etc. So, your headphone may be subjected to damage. In order to prevent such type of damages, the market offers a special type of headphone cases. These cases make sure the design and build quality of your headphone stay intact. It is certain that you would be able to use your headphone for several years without any hassles of replacement. You can easily fold your headphone and store it inside the case for providing ultimate protection. To get proper insights about the best headphone cases available currently, take a look below.

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10. LTGEM Hard Headphone Case Travel Bag:

With a simple build and chic design, this headphone case is sure to work as an excellent gift idea. In order to present excellent durability, this headphone case travel bag is prepared from superior Hard EVA material. Its outer shell is made hard for offering extra protection; on the other hand, the inner lining showcases a soft velvet/velour-like fabric material. This material makes sure your headphones stay in pristine condition. Whenever you wish non-crushable protection, this headphone case is a suitable solution. The package includes a comfortable hand strap to simplify the transportation easy hassles. Moreover, the 360 ° zip is extremely convenient for the users to place and take out their headphone.


  • It is a well-made and durable headphone case whose handle does not get ripped as time passes.
  • Its included zipper is of high quality and would not break easily.
  • This LTGEM case comes with the durable exterior and soft interior.
  • Process of transportation is streamlined through the sturdy hand strap.
  • It is a shockproof & semi-waterproof case.

9. HiGoing Sweatproof Travel Carrying Cases:

Suggested from the name itself, this travel carrying case for the headphone is made sweatproof. While traveling, your headphone usually suffers from the issues of sweating. Now such issues can be eliminated with the use of this HiGoing case. Basically, this earbud carrying case offers comprehensive protection for your precious headphones. Generally, there would be no wire mess because the design of the case is intended to neatly organize your headphone. Due to its compact size, it is referred to a perfect mini storage case. So, it can be placed anywhere and it is convenient to use. It is extremely simple to open and close by zipper enclosure, so you may use it for your daily life and travel.


  • During the manufacturing of this HiGoing case, advanced PU leather material is used. It is found that this material is functional and stylish.
  • Your headphones would stay protected against dampness, dust, and dirt.
  • It comes with the soft inner cloth lining to decrease the effects of wear & tear.
  • This case is found suitable to store keys, MP3, cable, charger, battery, coin, USB flash disk, memory card, and many more essentials.

8. Earphone Carry Case, SUNGUY [5-Pack]:

Presented in the perfect size, this earphone carries case is suitable for daily life and travel. In the interior of this SUNGUY carry case, there is the availability of a mesh pocket. You will be amazed to see its cute little round design to add a unique look to your travel accessories. Generally, this earphone case is suitable for headphones with charger cables or cables you may need to store. Moreover, there is the availability of the color code on the zipper portion. There is the presence of a carabiner-style clip to clip over your backpack. This 5-pack earbud case can be shared with your kids, friends and family members.


  • In total, there are 5 varied colors available.
  • The interior comes with the dimensions of 7cm*7cm*3cm (L*W*H). So, you can easily include this headphone carry case inside your pocket.
  • There is the availability of loop and carabiners.
  • In the preparation process, waterproof and dustproof materials are used to present long-lasting use.
  • Facility of the mesh pocket and inner soft flannel can seamlessly hold your items.

7. SUNGUY Portable Square Earphone Carrying Case:

Presented in the multi-color design, you can make choices from the 5 unique color designs. Choice of appropriate color design will refresh your mood during travel. The multi-colored earphones make it simple for you to easily find and differentiate. The case is quite handy and seems to last longer. Usually, it works well to hold coins, paperclips, headphones, and many more. Besides, there is the inclusion of a smooth zippered closure with enough stiffness to present excellent protection. You need not worry about ways to store your earbuds and additional earpieces. Its unique style fits conveniently inside a brief bag or pocket.


  • Size of this portable earbud is suitable for the hassle-free travel experience.
  • Its inner space is suitable for storing your earbuds, earphones, hearing aid, and other electronic gadgets.
  • Due to the wide compatible feature, this pocket-size case can work with the Panasonic ErgoFit In-Ear Earbuds, Bose SoundSport, Betron B750s, Panasonic Ergo Fit In-Ear Earphones, SONY MDR-EX650AP,  SENSO, TaoTronics, Anker Wireless Bluetooth Earphones and many more.
  • Outstanding protection is presented with the use of superior quality zipper EVA hard case and PU leather material.

6. Ginsco Headphone Carrying Case:

The problem associated with the cheap quality headphone carrying case is the poor quality zippers. However, when you try this Ginsco headphone carrying case, there will be no issues with the zipper. The included zipper would zip up without any wear & tear effects.  Glancing at its build quality, it is a sturdy and well-built carrying case with excellent protection. There is sufficient space for incorporating cables. This case is sufficiently sturdy to protect even the most delicate headphone piece.


  • It is a durable headphone carrying case with the 360-degree zip.
  • Its outer part is prepared from the nylon fabric material to present outstanding protection to your headphones.
  • The built-in mesh pocket comes with sufficient space for storing an iPod, cables and other accessories.

5. Hetmitshell Hard EVA Travel Case:

There are many outstanding qualities of this travel case that entice the attention of customers to go for it. Basically, its structure represents two exterior, medium-to-high quality zippers, similar to a rucksack. Besides, there is the inclusion of D-ringed, nylon carrying strap which can be detached when needed. It is found that this oyster-shaped case would open flat while unzipped.

Its interior is specially lined with cushioned, non-abrasive, pilled-nylon. There is the availability of a mesh pocket equipped with a Velcro closure to cover half of the case interior. To enhance durability, the internal seams are nylon-taped. It is observed that the stitching over the tape is compact and precise.


  • This Hermitshell durable travel case would protect your headphone from scratches, bumps, and dents.
  • It is found compatible with the Mpow Bluetooth Headphones and Over Ear Hi-Fi stereo wireless headset.
  • When folded down, the Mpow headphones would fit inside the case.
  • All the headphone’s accessories will neatly fit inside the internal Velcro pocket. once the zipper is closed.

4. LTGEM Hard Case:

With a view to present excellent durability, this LTGEM hard case product is prepared from superior hard EVA material. In order to simplify the portability hassles, the hard case is equipped with a well-built hand strap. In spite of being simple in operation, this hard case is stylish and proves to be an excellent gift idea. There is the inclusion of lavish soft velveteen lining to make sure your headphones stay safe against damage and scratches. Complete safety is guaranteed since the included hard quality EVA material is found to be shockproof, durable and semi-waterproof. No adverse effects of water, impacts, and splashes are found.


  • This hard case for headphone incorporates smooth but sturdy zipper for hassle-free opening and closing.
  • It comes with the superior quality steel hooks that are durable and would not break easily.
  • For presenting excellent portability, detachable hand strap is included.
  • All the headphone accessories can be stored inside the inner mesh pocket.
  • It can seamlessly work with the Over-Ear Beats Studio/Pro headphone and Sennheiser foldable headphone.
  • Its soft interior works to keep your headphone and all the accessories intact.
  • It is completely shockproof and semi-waterproof.

3. BOVKE Headphone Case Protective Carrying Travel Bag:

The brand BOVKE is US based and works to produce a wide range of accessories specially designed for all Samsung phones, tablets, laptop, Apple products, and speaker headphones. Execution of the double zipper design presents hassle-free access to easily insert and discard your device. There is the availability of a comfortable handle to experience excellent portability. In addition to headphones, you can conveniently store oil bottles, keys, diffuser, and other travel essentials. Regardless of the brand of headphones you use, this protective travel bag can store headphones without any problems. You can stay stress-free about the scratches and wear & tear.


  • This BOVKE hard case travel bag is prepared from premium hard EVA to offer outstanding protection and durable performance.
  • It is a shockproof and semi-waterproof durable case so comprehensive protection is provided. Any external factors will not create adverse effects on your device.
  • With the assistance of the fabric lining the anti-static shockproof layer, this case can successfully absorb impacts. Furthermore, it can decrease damages created by abrupt bumps.

2. Mpow Headphone Case for Mpow 059/ Mpow H1/H2/H5/Thor and More:

Mpow specially prepared this headphone case to seamlessly fit the foldable headphones. Its design is made unique to custom fit your headphone. It is specially designed to fit headphones like the Mpow 059, Mpow Thor and other famous foldable headphones. You will be benefitted with carrying less, hold more feature.  Its interior elastic mesh pocket is perfect for accommodating headphones and other accessories. Right from headphone accessories like audio cable, charging cable to your personal accessories like keys, cards, cash, etc., this case is an ideal choice. For outdoor activities like climbing or traveling, this Mpow is a suitable choice.


  • Reinforced protection is offered with the use of the shock-proof EVA and hard splash-proof PU leather. This leather material offers a tactile, smooth touch.
  • Presence of the velvet padding presents comprehensive care for your headphones. This would protect your headphone against scratches and bumps.
  • Included elastic strap and the smooth zipper could securely hold your headphone.
  • There is the availability of the interior mesh pocket to store cards, cash and cables.
  • It is extremely convenient to carry this headphone case through the removable carabiner.

1. Headphones Carrying Case Headset Protective Hard Travel Bag by LinkIdea:

Being lightweight and well-built, this protective hard travel bag would excellently protect your headphone. There is the presence of the will foam rubber near the earphones to resist the effects of the tear. Your headphones will be stored in a natural position to make sure its condition stay intact. It is quite perceptible from the name that this hard travel bag from Link idea is extremely protective. In addition to headphones, this travel bag is intended to protect the related accessories too.

Features :

  • Preparation is done using excellent quality, durable EVA crush resistant, weather resistant, anti-shock material.
  • Its design represents the mesh Style with the zipper enclosure. Furthermore, the inner pocket holds the included item and protects them against movement.
  • It comes with the soft cloth lined interior to protect your headphones.
  • There is ample space to accommodate headphone cables, earpads, amplifier (AMP), power bank, iPod, and other accessories.
  • The strap is available to keep headphone secure.

The concerns regarding how to pack your headphones and accessories are eliminated with the choice of appropriate headphone case. Your headphone will stay protected against external factors to retain their look and build quality.

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Top 10 Best Headphone Cases in 2020
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