Top 10 Best Hand Mirrors In 2020

Makeup holds special significance especially for females and nowadays even males are conscious about makeup. It is possible that your facial look will become a bit messy when you go outdoors to reach a place. Therefore, your facial look may be tad deteriorated due to dust, debris and other environmental damage. To make sure your facial look is neat and clean, you may carry a hand mirror with you. This type of mirror is generally presented in a compact size and comes with excellent portability. You may need to be very cautious when it comes to the choice of hand mirrors. This is because a narrow mirror may arouse difficulty in viewing your face completely whereas a highly-magnified one may over-emphasize the output. In addition to that, you need to focus on size, design, durability, the simplicity of carrying, and many more factors. To come out of the speculation regarding the best hand mirrors available currently, take a look below.

Here are the Top 10 Best Hand Mirrors On that we found out:

10. Tinland Handheld Mirror with Handle 9.8×4.5in(Black):

Showcased in the vintage style, this black colored hand mirror proves to be a stylish addition to your existing makeup vanity assortment.  Being handy and lightweight, you would not feel too bulky when carried in your hand. Generally, the Tinland handheld mirror is ideal for use at home and travel due to its compact size. It comes with a sufficient mirror area of 4.7inx3.7in. This area lets you excellently perform skin care, dental care, makeup, etc. You may find this mirror widely used as a magic mirror in some cosplay shows. Overall, this cute little mirror would feel extremely lightweight for use in a variety of applications.


  • This handheld mirror is presented as a giftable item with a total of 3 color options. These colors are white, black and pink. Any of these colors can be chosen by young girls, ladies, or women for different applications. They can use it at home, for holidays, birthdays, etc.
  • The overall dimension of the product is 9.84in x4.5in whereas the mirror dimension is 4.7in x 3.7in.
  • It just weighs 0.09kg so it is extremely easy to carry.
  • The use of plastic material in its construction lets you hold it easily.

9. Double Sided Pedestal Mirror Stand (Rose Gold):

This Hand Mirror recommended for travel purpose, this compact mirror is made sturdy and lightweight. The inclusion of the versatile attachment behaves as either a hanger or a stand. There is the inclusion of a regular mirror side whereas the other side is magnified. In order to benefit the most during makeup, the 5X magnification is a superb choice. This allows you to clearly see the objects and your face. This level of magnification is found in this rose gold mirror. Basically, it comes with a total 2 magnifications i.e. a regular view at 1x magnification and magnified view at 5x magnification for best detail.


  • There is the inclusion of the adjustable pedestal that could be utilized as a free-standing device or a handle. This type of arrangement enhances the convenience
  • It is extremely simple to travel because the pedestal is foldable making it simple to pack and transport.

8. Miss Sweet Folding Hand Held Mirror:

When you begin using this folding handheld mirror product from Miss Sweet, you will find great assistance while applying makeup. It is made compact in size and simple to pack for hassle-free travel. Moreover, what entices the attention of most men and women it is affordably priced for the quality. The package comes in an elegant, soft bag for stress-free travel. Based on your convenience, it can be used as a hand mirror or a travel mirror due to its foldable structure.


  • This Miss Sweet hand mirror offers 10X magnification to clearly see the output.
  • Dimensions of the mirror are 6.1*6.1inch.
  • It comes with a 6-month limited warranty capable to provide protection against any damages because of the faulty material.
  • The included stand works on both side either regular view or the magnified view.
  • The included handle flips around and therefore, the users could mount it on either magnification. Moreover, they can suspend it by the handle.

7. Handheld Mirror with Handle (square, pink):

When you first look at this handheld mirror product, you would certainly admire its elegant design. Actually, this mirror device is square shaped and comes with a pink color body. So, females of all age would like to use it. It may be possible that you spend the majority of your day outdoors and want to check up your makeup every now and then. In such cases, it is recommended to carry this pink mirror along with you.

Its elegant pink design would add to the style statement. It comes in the perfect weight and size with a view to fit conveniently inside your bag. In addition to checking your makeup, this pink mirror can also be used for tweezing eyebrows, putting on contact lenses and many more. Your facial look would be gorgeous while outdoors if you have included this handheld mirror in your purse of the bag.


  • High durability is offered since the material used in the construction is ABS+ glass.
  • The surface is prepared from high definition smooth mirror that is devoid of distortion. The mirror’s frame is manufactured out of the environmentally-friendly plastic material. This plastic is odorless, colorless and safe for your health.
  • It can be combined with countertop mirror.

6. Decorative Handheld Compact Mirror- Embossed Butterfly Design:

There are some makeup lovers who always emphasis to carefully pay attention to every detail while performing makeup. They can definitely try this beautifully designed handheld mirror.  This compact mirror is excellent for use on hand or mounting on a stand. The structure of this decorative compact mirror showcases 180-degrees comprehensive folding. Therefore, you could easily adjust it at a different angle. If you are confused about what to gift to your friends or relatives or colleagues or partner, just go for this butterfly design handheld mirror.


  • It comes in the perfect weight and size to fit easily inside a bag. Moreover, it is made lightweight and durable.
  • Total 4 color options are available –silver, gold, white, and hot pink.

5. Clear Acrylic Handheld Double Sided Mirror:

Now you can quickly check whether your facial look is ugly or not with the use of this double-sided mirror. It perfectly reflects your look and let you pinpoint the fault in your look. This mirror’s 10x side is excellent for zooming to exactly see the imperfect area. The overall construction seems well-made and decent magnification is provided. The presence of an elegant handle lets you use the mirror in style. This clear acrylic mirror’s regular side is extremely clear whereas its magnified side is sturdy. Therefore, you could closely see the makeup, eyebrows, facial hair, and many more.


  • Each of the sides of this clear acrylic made mirror comes with the 10x and 1x magnification.
  • The decent magnification power lets you apply make-up easily and effectively.
  • The overall design is made beautiful with the use of acrylic finish.
  • The diameter of the glass mirror is 5.5 inches.

4. Gotofine Double Sided 1x – 7x Magnification Makeup Mirror:

A decent quality mirror lets you clearly see your beauty and facial look. It would become easy to find the faults in your look with the use of a decent magnification based makeup mirror. This benefit is conveyed when you begin using this double-sided handheld mirror. Every mirror from Gotofine is precisely made using the optical glass of the highest quality. Some of the important traits of this 7x magnification mirror are its aesthetically appealing look, versatility, and functional design. Capable to offer both regular and the magnified vision varying from 3x to 20x magnification, it is certain that these mirrors are offered in a wide range of styles. These styles encompass wall mounted, countertop, suction, and handheld.


  • This Gotofine mirror comes with the superb 7x Magnification on one of its side and regular magnification on its other side.
  • The mirror used is optical quality glass mirror with 5-inch size.
  • The inclusion of the clear frame complements any color.
  • The 7x magnification mirror is free from distortion.
  • The built-in stand facilitates hands-free use allowing you to see even the minutest detail.

3. Double Sided Folding Handheld Mirror -6.1inch 1X 10X Magnification:

Using superior quality materials and decent magnification power, this folding handheld mirror proves to be an excellent gift idea. The magnificent shape is considered as a decent choice for gifting your spouse, children, parents, friends, colleagues, etc. On auspicious occasions like birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, etc., this 6.1-inch handheld mirror is a superb choice.

Being a multifunctional mirror, it is made lightweight and petite in size with a sleek design. So, you could conveniently place it over a table, suspend on a wall or include in a bag for travel. It provides great assistance while applying makeup. There would be no difficulties to see the details through its 10x magnification side. Moreover, the overall effect can be observed through its normal side.


  • This 6.1-inch size glass mirror our makeup mirror features is equipped with 1X and 10X makeup mirror. With the proper use of its 10X magnification, it is an ideal choice for applying makeup.
  • In addition to applying makeup, you can do shaving, eyeshadow, lipstick, eyeliner, and more.
  • This 1x magnification 10x magnification handheld mirrors could be folded and could also be adjusted through an ideal angle. So, it is comfortable for everyday use and set up on a stand on the desk.
  • The included handle is easy to hold or mount on the table. Also, when the handle is folded, this mirror could be accommodated inside a purse or suitcase.

2. BeautifyBeauties Hand Mirror 5 x 11:

Identical to the travel makeup mirror, it is found that this handheld mirror from BeautifyBeauties is extremely portable. It could be conveniently packed in a bag for traveling. If needed, you may use this 5 x 11 mirror for makeup, putting on a contact lens, tweezing eyebrows, and much more. It is made portable for use whenever you need due to its compact size. If you carry a purse or bag with you on a travel trip then you can accommodate this handheld mirror inside. Those who have a hectic daily lifestyle, this 5 x 11 mirror is extremely useful.


  • Due to the simplicity of use and compact design, the users can easily see their hair, face, and dressing.
  • Due to its narrow size, it seamlessly fits inside the palm of the hand. There is no need to concern about accommodating a massive mirror.
  • Its construction utilizes DFP glass that offers a clear reflection. This glass material is devoid of distortion and delivers excellent clarity.
  • Presence of the black frame surrounding the mirror appears classy and enhances the decor of the home.

1. Goody Hand Mirror 27847 (Pack of 1):

To dress up perfectly, a decent quality hand mirror is a suitable choice. The choice of the appropriate size, design, shape, and weight lets you feel comfortable during outdoor use. It is extremely portable, simple to use, and provides decent magnification.
For mounting on a table or use in the palm of your hand, this version of Goody hand mirror is a perfect choice. When you travel a lot, work in the office or want to dress up at home, this 27847 mirror is a superb choice. The appearance resembles the dessert plate size and the colors are sophisticated. Its appearance is elegant and construction is sturdily built to present precise view at the output. With the inclusion of powerful, slip-resistant handle, it is easy to hold this handheld mirror. Besides, you can suspend it using the hole present at the end.


  • The Goody hand mirror comes with huge 11″ from the top part to the base of the handle.
  • Its configuration is flawless and it uses real glass instead of plastic.
  • There would no hassles regarding cleaning.
  • It is simple to grip since it does not come with a slippery texture.

To dress up perfectly, a decent quality hand mirror is a suitable choice. The choice of the appropriate size, design, shape, and weight lets you feel comfortable during outdoor use. It is extremely portable, simple to use, and provides decent magnification.

Top 10 Best Hand Mirrors In 2020
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