Top 7 Cheap gaming chairs under 100$ in 2020

The gaming enthusiasts are usually aware of the accessories required to play the games in a pleasant manner. In absence of the proper gaming accessories, the game playing experience is incomplete.  Generally, it is recommended to sit in the proper alignment in front of the screen to play games conveniently. The misalignment and improper seating positions invite some body aches and pain. You can consider investing in the ideal gaming chairs to sit comfortably while playing games. All the concerns of back aches, body pain, neck pain, etc. would be eliminated with the help of a suitable gaming chair. However, every game enthusiast is not able to spend expensively on the game chairs. Therefore, the present market offers lots of gaming chairs under $100. Let’s take a look at the affordably priced gaming chairs to make a wise buying decision:

Here is the list of Top 7 Cheap gaming chairs under 100$ on

7. Gaming Chair Carbon Fiber Leather High Back Racing Style by Waleaf:

Whenever you are looking for a professional gaming chair, this racing style chair from Waleaf is a perfect choice. Basically, this chair features study construction and provides decent support. There would be no issues of body aches while you are playing games for long hours. The included lumbar pillow is extremely large and firm to provide the comfortable sitting arrangement. Besides, its headrest pillow is extremely useful and comes with a strong build.

The comfortable cushioned seating arrangement is the key specialty of this high back gaming chair. During intense game playing, this game chair feels extremely comfortable with excellent neck and lumbar support. If you want to take a nap, you can use the adaptable 180-degree recliner function nap. When you follow the included user manual properly, the installation would be quite simple. Its eye-catching aspect is the sturdy and “Vitesse” pattern design.


  • This carbon fiber leather-based gaming chair comes with h wide and large seat and back. Thick back and deep bucket seating arrangement offer additional comfort for use in the home, business or any occasion.
  • This racing style chair is multi-function and can be rotated in 360 degrees.
  • It comes with the adjustable backrest equipped with a 90° to 180° safety angle.
  • The presence of the high-quality, swivel casters maintains the operation quiet.
  • There would be no scratches on the floor.
  • It offers three points support on your spine, head, and lumber with the detachable headrest pillow as well as a lumbar cushion.

6. BestMassage Gaming Office Chair, High-Back Racing Chair PU Leather Chair:

Designed in the modern style, this stylish and creative reclining office chair comes with the latest gaming styling. You will be relieved from back pain with the help of lumbar support that is generously padded. In this way, it is quite simple to relax your body and mind while playing games. Its versatility allows it to be used as an office chair, computer chair, gaming chair, and executive chair.

Glancing at the construction of this leather chair, the back and armrest are ergonomically designed. Therefore, you would not feel exhausted even after playing for long hours. The presence of the breathable premium PU leather presents ergonomic design. You can now play your favorite game with complete luxury.


  • It is quite simple to set up this BestMassage gaming chair with the use of included hardware & necessary tools. Once you properly follow the gaming chair instruction, it is quite simple to install this chair.
  • Within 10 to 15 minutes, you can assemble the included accessories.
  • It can supports up to 250 pound of weight.
  • Manufacturing process makes use of soft PU leather upholstery and sufficient padding. Generally, this padding is resistant to water and oil.
  • As per the available space, you can set up this computer chair in your office or activity room. It is possible to rotate this executive chair in 360-degrees. There are no hassles to attune the height of the chair to suit your needs.
  • With the assistance of the smooth-rolling casters, excellent stability and mobility is guaranteed.

5. Homall Gaming Chair Racing Office Chair Leather Computer Desk Chair:

This model of Homall S-Racer gaming chair is an ideal chair for use in home, office, gaming room and conference room.  Its overall size is such that it allows an easy extension to the full length of back. Besides, this computer chair provides support to the neck, head, and shoulders. All the gaming chairs from the brand Homall are designed to perfection and intended to suit the natural shape of your body. It is assured that you will feel comprehensive comfort through its furniture quality PU leather material.

When you compare this gaming chair model with all the other black chairs, you will find noticeable difference. This computer desk chair is prepared using the carbon fiber style PU leather presented throughout. It is appealing in look and comes with the wear-resistant features. Its sturdy base and steel frame guarantees high stability. It can sua stain maximum load capacity of 300 lbs. In most of the cases, this Homall gaming chair comes in perfect condition. Besides, the hydraulic part that elevates and lowers the chair functions seamlessly as expected.


  • This leather office gaming chair comes with multi-functional features. It can be swiveled 360 degree to relish the rocking function.
  • It facilitates the backwards movement in the range of 90 to 180 degrees.
  • Important components included to provide comfort are the smooth armrest and seat-height alteration, detachable headrest pillow and soft lumbar cushion.
  • The size of the back of this black chair is 22.5″X30.5″(LXW) whereas the size of seat: is 19.8″X20.5″(LXW). It comes with the adjustable height of 3.2’’.
  • All the contained tools and instructions streamline the process of assembling. In less than 30 minutes, it is quite easy to assemble the chair and start using it.
  • The design feaan tures entire black structure with cool textures.
  • High comfort is guaranteed through the use of headrest and lumbar pillow.
  • You can remove the pillows if you wish.
  • Armrests are conveniently located and they are firm.

4. Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair Racing Style Adjustable Height High-Back PC Computer Chair:

Now you can guarantee complete protection of your neck and spine while playing games for a long period. This ergonomic gaming chair comes with the adjustable height functionality to let you vary the height as per your preference. This computer chair is characterized by the high-back PC and great adjustability. It is unique in a way that it comes with the high curved back surrounded by breathable premium leather. Besides, there is the presence of headrest pillow and adjustable lumbar support. These components work to protect your neck and spine. In order to use this racing style computer chair at the fullest, you just need to properly follow the installation instructions.


  • Facility of the 360 degree rotation with top quality silently rolling wheels makes sure the floor does not get scratches. This racing style game chair can freely move in the surrounding.
  • It comes with the easy lock-tilt adjustment and recline angle adjuster. This kind of arrangement helps to alleviate pressure when playing games for long hours.
  • To enhance the comfort, there is the inclusion of an ergonomic headrest and an adaptable lumbar cushion.
  • Maximum load capacity is 300 lbs.
  • The base is made sturdy and the chair comes with the smooth-rolling casters
  • Use of premium PU leather material guarantees durability.

3. Essentials Racing Style Leather Gaming Chair by OFM:

The Essentials belonging from the OFM seating collection guarantees high-quality products. The brand works to take this desk chair model to an entirely new level. Basically, this leather gaming chair is uniquely designed in an ergonomic race car style through the use of contoured segmented padding, incorporated headrest and lumbar support, and a high back. Whenever you need to involve in intense gaming seasions for a long time, this racing style chair presents the high-performance and ultimate comfort.

In the construction of this OFM gaming chair, you would perceive the unique blend of coolness and comfort. This is made possible with the use of black leather and color mesh accents. Its eye-catching specialty is the ergonomic design accompanied by window for breathability. In order to let the users stay comfortable during game playing, the gaming chair is equipped with the seat and back feature cushioning.


  • Quality support and comfort is provided with the help of contoured segmented cushioning, an included cushioned headrest, and cushioned arms.
  • To present great adjustability, it comes with the height adjustment, flip up arms, seat back recline control, and 360 degrees rotation capabilities.
  • The construction features premium leather chair uniquely upholstered in the softhread leather. Moreover, the contrasting colored mesh provides cool feeling to relieve the stress while playing.
  • Maximum weight capacity is 250 pounds.

2. Office Chair Gaming Chair Ergonomic Swivel Chair High Back Racing Chair by BestOffice:

The brand BestOffice present this model of the high back racing chair with exceptional appearance and dense cushion. In the preparation of this swivel chair, the back and armrest are ergonomically designed. Hence, you would not feel exhausted even after you play games for long period. To make sure the gaming enthusiasts feel complete comfort, BestOffice made this computer chair using dense sponge cushion and breathable premium PU leather. The stylish upholstery, flexible, and elegant design entice the curiosity of game players. In addition to gaming, you can use it for reading, working, sleeping, etc. with the use of an adjustable backrest. This backrest is equipped with a 90°-155° safety angle.


  • The package of this ergonomic high back racing chair includes all the hardware and necessary tools. There is the use of the commercial-grade components to enhance durability.
  • Maximum weight supported is 250lbs.
  • When you carefully follow the instruction, it is quite straightforward to assemble the parts. It estimated assembly time is approximately 10 to 15 minutes. 
  • Extra comfort is guaranteed with the presence of footrest. The presence of thick cushion further enhances the comfort.
  • Multi-purpose functionality is guaranteed because this ergonomic racing chair is enclosed by breathable high-quality PU leather. Furthermore, it includes modifiable lumbar support and headrest pillow. They protect your neck and spine.
  • You can lock this gaming chair in the desired position when you recline.

1. Homall Gaming Chair Racing Style High Back PU Leather Chair:

For alleviating pain present, in head, neck, and shoulders, this model of high back gaming chair works well. Presented from the brand Homall, this racing style chair comes with perfection and matches with your body’s natural shape. Comprehensive comfort is guaranteed with the use of the furniture quality PU leather. The choice of selected material in the construction assures comfort and flexibility. There is the utilization of high density shaping foam to facilitate flexibility. With a view to enhancing strength, this leather chair is supported with the 1.8mm thick steel frame. You will certainly praise the wear-resistant and skin-friendly nature of this racing style chair.

Those gaming enthusiasts who used this Homall gaming chair mentioned that the suspension is solid. Even if the bulk weight is present, it would not get compressed. The included padding is soft enough so your back would not feel sore even after long hours of game playing.


  • The size of back is 22.5″X30.5″(LXW), the size of the seat is 19.8″X20.5″(LXW), and the seat adjustable height is 17.3-21.5 inch. These dimensions are guaranteed to present ultimate comfort while playing.
  • It can be conveniently rotated in 360 degree and the multi-direction wheels present excellent mobility.
  • Maximum weight loading capacity is 300 pounds.
  • It is quite easy to recline this racing style chair from 90 to 180 degrees.
  • It can be rolled forward and backward whenever you attune the knob under the seat.
  • It owns capability to enlarge full length of the back with support.
  • Flexible adjustment is possible with the use of tilt locking system and 90-180 degrees angle adjuster.
  • With the use of included color caster wheels, it is simple to move this chair.

The desire of playing computer games for long hours can be fulfilled with the use of the discussed gaming chairs. There would be no issues of body pain and extreme comfort is guaranteed all at an affordable price tag.

Top 7 Cheap gaming chairs under 100$ in 2020
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