Top 10 Best Electric Hand Warmer in 2020

In the cold winter days, electric hand warmers are crowded with people. The outstanding advantages of that product line are compact, portable and easy to use anywhere. Plus, using the warmer is relatively easy, and you can completely control it with just a few simple operations. The impressive heating ability is also a feature that attracts many customers’ attention. In particular, it warms quickly, creates a pleasant warmth, is natural and does not harm the skin. Some products of this device series are also integrated with led lights. However, an electric hand warmer will only work if it meets your needs. Our reviews will help you make the right choice.

List of 10 best electric hand warmer on

10. MOVTOTOP Hand Electric Reusable Double-Side Heating Warmers Rechargeable

The first electric hand warmer on this list was produced by MOVTOTOP with a soft and gentle pink color to make it look extremely suitable for female customers. This is a versatile product because it can provide you with a variety of temperature modes compatible with different weather conditions. Plus, the rapid rise in temperature is also an excellent advantage to be able to promptly meet your heating needs.

Not only that, this hand warmer of MOVTOTOP has been proven effective in long-term operation. Besides, it is a device that can be reused regularly when its battery is designed to be interchangeable. Most importantly, compactness is a huge advantage of this hand warmer because it helps the product to accompany users everywhere.


  • Compact and ergonomic design
  • Reusable and interchangeable
  • Increase the temperature quickly
  • The battery capacity is quite high


  • Less suitable for male customers

9. COMLIFE Portable Electric Hand Warmer Double-Side 4 Levels Quick Adjustable Heating

This product is a hand-held electric hand warmer made by COMLIFE that is amazingly quick to heat, helping your hands to be instantly heated without any damage to the skin. It has up to 4 temperature levels so you can comfortably customize it so that your hands are most comfortable. With a large battery capacity, the product will serve you for many hours in a row without having to charge.

Moreover, this product of COMLIFE is certified by many international organizations for safety. So you and your family can safely use it in any situation without having to worry about the risk of fire, explosion, or electric shock. To optimize customer safety, this item is also equipped with a fireproof ABS layer as well as environmentally friendly battery materials. When you buy the product, you are given a nice small storage bag so you can easily take it with you anywhere.


  • Fire resistance is optimized
  • The materials are eco-friendly and user-friendly
  • A few auxiliary accessories are included
  • Convenient to carry around


  • Slightly monotonous design

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8. COMLIFE Portable Long-Lasting Pocket Quick Heating Hand Warmer LED Display

Another product on this list comes from COMLIFE. In particular, it is equipped with 2 USB ports to be able to simultaneously support 2 mobile electronics. With this feature, you do not need to buy additional power banks and still be able to comfortably use many technology items every time you leave home. Plus, its rapid heating is an outstanding feature not to be missed. Thanks to this feature, your hands are instantly warmed no matter how cold the weather is.

On top of that, the durable and premium materials of this item ensure a long service time. Therefore, it can accompany you for many years without any sign of damage. The sturdy aluminum alloy casing and excellent PU material on the outside of the product are capable of enhancing fire, explosion, and shock resistance. And yet, the battery has an environmentally friendly structure so the product is relatively safe.


  • Extremely large battery capacity
  • Exquisite designed storage bag
  • Integrated with many modern technologies
  • Can support 2 mobile devices at the same time


  • It is heavier than similar products

7. BESKAR Rechargeable Super Electric Pocket Reusable Portable Hand Warmers

This electric hand warmer is manufactured by BESKAR as the latest product in 2020 with many outstanding improvements. Its battery capacity is relatively large, 7800 mah, so it will attract more customers’ attention than traditional products. With this battery capacity, you can warm your hands for a day without having to recharge. Besides, it possesses 2 neutral black and white colors that combine harmoniously to bring a fairly elegant design. This appearance is suitable for both male and female customers of different ages.

In addition to the aforementioned features, advanced technologies are the main drivers of this BESKAR hand warmer. The smart sensor will automatically adjust the temperature if it rises to a dangerous level. Therefore, you will no longer have to worry about the risk of burns or explosion.


  • Elegant design with neutral colors
  • Convenient and ergonomic to carry everywhere
  • User safety is optimized
  • The heat sensor is quite smart


  • The price is relatively high

6. Celestron Electric FireCel Plus Green Flashlight Hand Warmer Charger

This electric hand warmer from Celestron has a unique 3-in-1 design to give you amazing gadgets. Not only does it act as a device to warm your hands, but it can also become a power bank and a portable flashlight. Not only that, its battery capacity is up to 5200 mah. This is a relatively impressive figure for a device as compact as it is. With this battery capacity, you can comfortably use for many hours in a row whenever you are on the road.

With such versatility, its design is of course very delicate and flexible. In addition, the eye-catching colors and the harmonious combination of details on this product have attracted many customers’ attention. The LED system of this hand warmer has 5 modes with eye-catching colors. They may flicker to transmit SOS signals whenever you are in danger. When you buy the product, you are given a bag with a USB cable.


  • Compact and ergonomic design for easier control
  • Can be used for many different purposes
  • Able to emit warning and emergency signals
  • Trendy and youthful style


  • Its price is quite high

5. Zippo Black Rechargeable Gray Electric Hand Warmer

Unlike the above-reviewed products, this Zippo electric hand warmer has an elegant design with a unique shape. This style has been described as being able to help users optimize their grip on this product. Besides, it is also relatively thin to give you exquisite experiences during use.

And yet, the unique design and structure of the product give you heat on both of its surfaces. This brings maximum comfort and convenience whenever using. In addition, you can also apply this item as a backup charger for your smart mobile devices. Last but not least, you will not have to worry about misuse because it is equipped with an excellent LED system. This function can alert you about the temperature status as well as the battery status of the hand warmer.


  • Trendy design with elegant colors
  • Smart operating LED light system
  • Its technology has been significantly improved
  • Easy and simple to adjust the levels


  • It is slightly more expensive than similar products

4. Mieuxbuck Rechargeable Portable USB Hand Warmer Pocket Size Heat Therapy

This is an electric hand warmer produced by Mieuxbuck with a simple design and neutral colors to suit both male and female customers. It only takes you about 15 seconds to adjust it to the desired stable temperature. Plus, it has up to 3 different temperature levels to cater to different heating needs. With its compactness, you can comfortably put it in your pocket and pants pocket to carry with you anytime, anywhere.

In addition to the features listed above, this product is described as one of the best low-cost solutions to accompany you on trips, exploring, traveling, or camping. Its battery capacity is relatively good, capable of heating your hands for 8 hours in a row. Lastly, high-class materials not only ensure durability for the product but also increase safety and fire resistance. Since then, you no longer have to worry about the dangers of using this item.


  • Simple and neutral design for both men and women
  • Easy to control and adjust for everyone
  • Suitable for different purposes and tasks
  • Ergonomic and compact design for easy carrying


  • The boot time is a bit long

3. Jomst New Rechargeable Portable Electric Double-Sided Hand Warmer

This flashy hand warmer from Jomst is one of the latest products incorporating modern technologies. Its battery capacity is greatly improved, up to 7800 mah, enough to serve you for hours on end. The eye-catching colors combined with harmony and sophistication are the outstanding advantages for this product to attract more customers’ attention. Plus, it is installed with 3 different heating levels. In addition, its heating speed is relatively quick. Just 3 seconds, you can customize the temperature as you like. Moreover, its surface is relatively soft and smooth, so your grip experience will be quite comfortable and convenient.

On top of that, it is certified by international organizations for safety levels. Its chassis is made from high-quality ABS plastic and premium aluminum alloy. These durable materials not only guarantee a long service life for the product, but also optimize the safety of users as it increases shock, fire, and slip resistance. For all of these features, it is easy to understand why this is one of the most popular products available on the market these days.


  • Simple and delicate design
  • Eye-catching colors and trendy style
  • Easy to use and store for everyone
  • Premium and durable materials


  • Less suitable for men

2. JIMOTEK Hand Electric Portable Warmer Rechargeable Flashlight Power Bank

This is an electric hand warmer with a remarkable capacity compared to other competing products. With an extremely large battery capacity, up to 10000 mAh, it can serve you well for many consecutive hours without having to charge. Even some people use it for days in a row. In addition, if you do not need to warm your hands, you can also use it to charge electronic devices such as tablets, smartphones, and music players.

Equally important, its dual-sided heating structure will give your hands a full warmth. The temperature is adjusted to your desired level in just 3 seconds. The ABS plastic coating on the outside of this product has been proved effective in fire resistance. Finally, its design is quite ergonomic so you will feel comfortable to use every time.


  • Large capacity of the battery
  • Easy to handle and adjust
  • Neutral design for both men and women
  • Convenient to carry


  • The price is quite high

1. OCOOPA Rechargeable Portable Heat Therapy Hand Warmer

The modern technology system integrated into this hand warmer helps you quickly adjust the levels to suit your surroundings. Plus, you are offered a wide selection of temperatures because it has up to the different heating levels. With a soft and smooth exterior, you will not face any difficulties in the process of using, controlling, and adjusting the product. When you buy it, you are given a cloth bag to minimize scratches after each collision.

An integrated USB port makes the product even more convenient every time you go out. This USB port is compatible with smart mobile devices, so you can charge it anytime. In addition, it owns a USB-C port to be compatible with many current technology devices, especially smartphones. Therefore, this is also a great backup charger in emergency situations.


  • Trendy design with bright colors
  • Convenient to use everywhere
  • Effective in charging devices
  • Affordable price compared to other units


  • Less suitable for male customers


Electric hand warmers are gaining popularity because of their versatility. Not only will they help keep your hands warm, but they are also effective power banks. We hope the above reviews can help you buy the right one. Keep in mind to take all of the important factors into consideration before deciding to purchase the best unit for your needs.

Top 10 Best Electric Hand Warmer in 2020
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