Top 10 Best Corner TV Stands in 2020

Setting your TV in proper alignment is vital to make the most of TV viewing experience. When you spend your free time viewing movies, shows, series, sports events, etc., the importance of position is extreme. The appropriate position of the TV decides how excellently you relish your watching experience. In the present, there are myriad of options to consider to perfectly positioning your TV unit. One of them is the corner TV stand. Perceptible from the name, the corner TV stands are intended to be positioned at the corner. It will allow a broad view and also guarantees that the available space is utilized effectively. These kinds of corner TV stands are presented in the form of a cabinet to safely organize your media components. Actually, these corner TV stands are available in different designs and arrangement to let you suit your needs.

Take a look at the following top-notching corner TV stands on Amazon :

10. Leick Riley Holliday 57″ Corner TV Stands in White:

The beautiful corner TV console from Leick Riley Holliday offers a chic appearance to setup your TV unit. All the TV units that measure up to 60″ can be conveniently fitted inside this stand. Its appearance is silky with classic lines and painted finish. The clipped cabinet corners snuggle back within the corners in order to effectively optimize the floor space. Moreover, it creates a hidden area into the room’s corner for placing power strip, subwoofer, and messy wires. Lots of storage opportunities are presented with adjustable shelves located behind the media cabinets and component area for enhanced flexibility.

Features of this corner TV stands:

  • During the construction of this white corner TV stand, solid wood and wood veneers are used.
  • There is the availability of the cord management slots in the backside. Moreover, it comes with the shiny silver door hardware, and a powerful cabinet to neatly store the things.
  • The overall product dimensions are 25″ H x 57″ W x 20″ D.
  • It just weighs 119 lbs, so it is quite simple to shift from one place to another.
  • For incorporating media components, the Adjustable shelves are available.
  • It comes with the simple unfolding assembly.

9. Rockpoint Adonia Corner TV Stand Media Console:

Rockpoint Adonia Corner TV Stand Media Console
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Now you can transform the corner of any room into a picturesque entertainment center through this stand from Rockpoint Adonia. This wood corner TV stand showcases elegance and depicts a smooth, flat top surface. This surface is capable of accommodating the majority of the TV units up to 48 inches. Moreover, its cleverly designed profile with cut corners allows the stand to seamlessly fit inside the corner to present space-saving convenience.

Taking a look at its structure, the Rockpoint console offers two front doors. Each of these doors comes with a broad pair of tempered safety glass panes which are rectangular-shaped. These pans facilitate easy viewing of stored items. Generally, it is observed that the doors swing open effortlessly with the simple pull of the knob. The facility of the adjustable shelf allows you to neatly organize stored items. So, you may organize books, video game consoles, speakers, etc.

Features of this corner TV stands:

  • This TV stand media storage console is presented in a space-saving corner design.
  • In the preparation process, high-grade MDF and the durable laminate are used. Besides, the stand is presented in the textured finish in dark Espresso color.
  • It can flawlessly accommodate the majority of the TVs up to 48 inches; maximum load sustained is up to 250 pounds.
  • It comes with the adjustable shelving inside and plenty of storage space.
  • All the necessary step-by-step instructions are included in the package.

8. Sauder 423004 Harbor View Corner:

Sauder 423004 Harbor View Corner
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The compact spaces can be effectively utilized with the view corner TV stand from Sauder. Without compromising style, this Harbor view corner stand presents a space-saving option. Presented from the Harbor View collection, this space-saving stand is capable to accommodate up to a 60″ TV unit. This makes it an impeccable spot for watching your favorite shows, sports updates or playing video games with your friends.

In this corner stand unit, there are two huge adjustable shelves possessing the potential to shift to make space. So, different items like home décor items or video and gaming equipment can be accommodated. Moreover, in this Sauder corner stand, there is the inclusion of an extra two adjustable corner shelves. These shelves are used to showcase picture frames.

Features of this corner TV stands:

  • This Harbor View corner stand is capable to accommodate TV unit up to 60″. It can bear a maximum load of 95 lbs.
  • Facility of the two adjustable shelves seamlessly holds audio/video equipment at a suitable height.
  • Its drawers are equipped with the metal runners; besides, the safety stops show patented t-lock assembly mechanism for hassle-free assembly.
  • To reduce the wire clutter, there is the availability of the grommet hole.

7. FITUEYES 4-Tiers Corner TV Stand:

FITUEYES 4-Tiers Corner TV Stand
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In case you wish to set up a corner TV stand that can effectively remove the wire clutter, just go for this 4-Tiers stand. Basically, it serves as an effective wire management solution in which the metal column is present. This column allows you to effortlessly arrange and hide the cables in the back part of the stand. This allows the user to conceal the cables and wires without making any holes on the wall. Its unique trait is the rotatable and height adjustment functionality. This is made possible with the use of a wonderful swivel and height adjustment feature.

Features of this corner TV stands:

  • Regardless of your position, you can conveniently watch TV from any part in your room.
  • It comes with a 45-degree swivel angle which allows you to effortlessly move your TV unit.
  • You just need to vary the hook height vertically to attain comfortable viewing experience.
  • In total, there are four shelves available for storing audio/video component equipment.

6. Leick Riley Holliday 46″ Corner TV Stand:

Leick Riley Holliday 46" Corner TV Stand
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This 46″ corner TV stand is capable to hold TV sizes ranging from 32″ to 50″. In this space-efficient corner stand, the clipped back corners snuggle deeply into the corner. This will indirectly expand your living space. There is the inclusion of the open cabinet ends to let you easily access bookcase or other items placed on the stand. The entire look is made elegant with the help of the Chocolate cherry finish. This beautiful finish is applied to the wood veneers and solid wood. In this way, this stand indirectly conveys a durable, protective finish. Within a few minutes, the stand can be easily assembled through a smart, hinge method construction.

Features of this corner TV stands:

  • The corner stand is made durable with the use of the hardwood solids and veneers.
  • It comes with the infrared friendly, bronze tinted door glass that presents neat storage for electronics items.
  • There is the inclusion of the bookcase or display ends along with adjustable shelf.
  • To effectively manage the wire clutter, it comes with the perforated back.

5. Convenience Concepts Designs2Go Swivel TV Stand:

Convenience Concepts Designs2Go Swivel TV Stand
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What makes this Designs2go TV stand so appealing is its rotatable functionality capable to provide comprehensive 360-degree swivel. Its unique design facilitates the stand to be set up in any corner of your house.  Generally, for small sized TV, this swivel TV stand is just perfect. You can neatly organize your VCR, DVD, disks, game, etc. in the 2 shelves. The process of assembly is simple and clear instructions are included in the TV stand package. Its low profile makes it a compact stand to represent the elegance in your room.

Features of this corner TV stands:

  • You can attain convenient viewing experience through the full swivel motion.
  • It comes with the stainless steel chrome poles to present high stability.
  • There is ample storage space
  • Elegant appearance is conveyed through the beautiful black wood grain finish.

4. Corner Flat Screen TV Stand Wood Entertainment Center:

Corner Flat Screen TV Stand Wood Entertainment Center:
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The present model of the Corner flat screen TV stand is made unique through its abbey oak finish.  There would be no wire or cable mess and all your media components will be neatly organized. It serves as an entertainment center to let you conveniently view your TV. Facility of the 2 adaptable shelves holds audio/video component equipment.

Features of this corner TV stands:

  • Overall dimensions of the corner stand are 35.5″L x 18.8″W x 29.1″H.
  • This corner flat screen TV stand can hold TV units weighing up to 95 lbs/
  • It comes with the storage area behind doors possessing an adaptable shelf capable to hold DVDs and CDs.
  • It has back panel is identical to cardboard which you nail to the back part.
  • This corner  TV stand is made of wood.

3. Furinno Indo FL-600EX 3-Tier Petite TV Stand:

Furinno Indo FL-600EX 3-Tier Petite TV Stand
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The Furinno Indo Petite TV stand is exceptionally designed with chic appearance. It is lightweight, compact, space saving TV stand. It can flawlessly match the decor of any room and gives you a refreshing look. Its structure features glass doors to neatly organize your media components like DVD player, TV box, etc. It is found that the shelf height is adjustable to match varying sizes of equipment. High durability is guaranteed with the use of stable particleboard used to prepare RTA furniture. It’s simple yet stylish design is suitable for a different room.

Features of this corner TV stands:

  • The materials used in the making of this 3-tier stand are prepared with the E1 grade particle board.
  • It’s center shelf is height adjustable to seamlessly fit different equipment sizes.
  • The included glass door is specially designed to convey effective storage.
  • It is quite flexible to shift this Petite TV stand with the use of four casters.
  • It’s contained wood and glasses, that makes it looks more luxury .

2. Sauder 422708 Barrister Lane Crnr Entr Stand:

Sauder 422708 Barrister Lane Crnr Entr Stand
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Now you can make the most of the corner space in your home through this corner TV stand belonging to the Barrister Lane collection. It is an easy-to-access stand that can seamlessly accommodate maximum TV size up to 42″. This makes it a perfect stand for watching your favorite shows. Its spacious open shelf is found perfect for holding your video and gaming equipment. At the back part of the safety-tempered glass door, there is the availability of an adjustable shelf to store and display books, home decor items, and DVDs.

Structure of this Sauder 422708 stand showcases an exceptional crisscross storage rack. This rack owns the potential to be discarded and substituted through an adjustable shelf. In this way, it presents versatile storage options for accommodating any miscellaneous home essentials. The covered back panel incorporates cord access to let you store all the cords and wires neatly. Elegant look is conveyed through the scenic Iron Oak and it is accented with gold hardware. You will be amazed to see the space-efficient design to incorporate style and functionality.

Features of this corner TV stands:

  • Its open shelving design is capable to hold audio/video equipment.
  • Stability is guaranteed with the framed, safety-tempered glass door.
  • Beautiful appearance is conveyed through the iron oak finish.
  • It can hold up to 32 inches TV.
  • It contains a place for DVD or speaker

1. Leick Bella Maison Two Door Corner TV Stand:

Leick Bella Maison
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The Leick Bella Maison corner stand presents a dark, rich, wood grain capable to incorporate natural warmth to the room. Multiple wood stain layers are polished smooth to present the uniform appearance.  This beveled, tempered glass door enables the infrared remote signals to seamlessly pass through. Moreover, it showcases two shelves for storing your components. Within a few minutes, the two-door corner TV stand can be unfolded. It is possible to extend the hinged cabinets, set up the base panels, include the back panels, and secure the cabinet top. Later, you would install the shelves and connect the door pulls.

Features of this corner TV stands:

  • Measurements of this two-door corner stand are 52 W x 20 D x 24.25 H inches.
  • It comes with ample storage space to accommodate TVs up to 55 inches.
  • Its hand applied chocolate cherry finish and prepared using the Hardwood solids and veneers material.
  • There is the inclusion of the two adjustable shelves to accommodate components and adaptable shelves at the back side of the cabinet door.
  • The perforated back is available for wire management.

It is now easy to perceive the space-efficient solution for effectively storing your TV units and related components. Now you can conveniently watch your TV at any viewing angle at your own comfort without any compromise in the viewing experience.

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