Top 7 Best Bushcraft Knives in 2020

When you go to an adventurous place, you may be surrounded by thick bushes, vegetation, and wilderness. The risk of uninvited attacks and fear from attackers always persist when you go to wild adventures. It is important to survive in the wilderness when you wish to fulfill your adventure dreams. In absence of proper safety equipment, you may be prone to injury at some places. Therefore, it is best to carry Bushcraft knives along with you. With these knives, you can cut dense vegetation, bush, prepare firewood, etc. Apart from these, you can use them as self-defense tools.  You may carry lots of accessories along with you while going on adventures. So, it is best to choose a lightweight yet sturdy bushcraft knife.

To successfully tackle all the typical wilderness tasks, look at the best bushcraft knives mentioned below:

7. SYXLBG 7 in Stainless Steel Fixed Blade Knife:

SYXLBG 7 in Stainless Steel Fixed Blade Knife
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applications. You may use this stainless steel blade knife for camping, hunting, and several other bushcraft activities. Generally, this sturdy knife is also used for gifts giving and outdoor services. Whenever you need to cut sharp objects while enjoying adventurous activities, it is best to use this knife.


  • Included blade comes with the black coating to increase the rust-resistance.
  • Through more procedures, the blade is made sharp and sturdy.
  • Impact leather sheath is presented by this SYXLBG knife. This is made possible with the inclusion of guard and belt loop. These components allow you to safely carry it with convenient access.
  • The handle used is head layer cowhide and it comes with a comfortable grip. So, it is easy to conveniently hold the knife in your hand.

6.   Ontario Black Bird SK-5 Knife w/ Sheath:

Ontario Black Bird SK-5 Knife w/ Sheath
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The designing of the Ontario SK-5 Blackbird knife is accomplished by Paul Sheiter. According to the views of this designer, the chances of failure increases when a tool becomes more complicated. Keeping in mind this viewpoint, the Blackbird SK-5 Knife is specifically designed to attain supreme function through simplicity. What makes this knife with a cover so special is the use of American made 154CM steel. This steel material is popular for its excellent toughness, sharpness, edge-retaining potential, and rust resistance. The corresponding edge is made razor sharp to let you cut very sharp objects. Besides, the most customers are enticed with the overall craftsmanship. From a far distance, it appears that you carry a decent quality knife prepared with elegance. Overall, it is an outstanding quality knife for accomplishing camping activities and bushcraft tasks.


  • The thickness of the blade of the SK-5 knife is 0.13 inch. Furthermore, it showcases a full-taper grind.
  • In order to present an easy to grip experience, the edge of the Micarta handle is made circular.
  • There is the existence of a MOLLE compatible case along with belt loop. This loop exhibits a stiff protective insert.
  • You can firmly hold the handle without worrying about instability. This is because the handle is fixed to the knife tang through the stainless steel Allen screws.
  • To ensure longevity, the blade is prepared from 154 CM stainless steel material. Besides, the blade is sufficiently sized i.e. its length is 5-inches.
  • It just weighs 8.4 ounces, so it is extremely easy to carry along.

5.   Benchmade – Bushcrafter 162 Fixed Outdoor Survival Knife Made in USA:

Benchmade - Bushcrafter 162 Fixed Outdoor Survival Knife Made in USA
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The credit of the high popularity of this outdoor survival knife goes to the elegant appearance and tons of features. Your tools’ showcase would appear beautiful when you place this Benchmade knife. There is no need to constantly worry about the rusting since it is made corrosion-resistant. Also, it does not require oiling and cleaning. External factors like snow, rain, blood, dew, etc. would not corrode the blade. Its compact size allows you to carry in a shirt’s pocket or purse.

The quality of the blade is intended to stay sharp and provide resistance to rust. For the majority of the outdoor tasks that require intense cutting, this survival knife is perfect. Compared to a carbon steel blade, the included blade in this bushcraft knife from Benchmade needs less care and maintenance. There is no doubt to include this outdoor survival knife into your survival kit or gear collection.


  • Regardless of the type of cutting –sharp or simple, the bushcrafter’s sturdy, rugged style meets supreme function. Its versatility and toughness find its use in different applications.
  • There is the adaptation of the precision drop-point construction for enhancing versatility and strength.
  • The included G10 handle exhibits a resin-soaked fiberglass body. This body is impermeable to moisture and its stability is not deteriorated due to changing weather conditions.
  • With fixed blade construction, you will feel stability when used.  The tough tubular titanium is found resistant to corrosion.
  • There is the availability of the kydar sheath with belt loop to present convenient access.

4.   Morakniv Bushcraft Stainless Steel 4.3-Inch Fixed-Blade Survival Knife:

 Morakniv Bushcraft Stainless Steel 4.3-Inch Fixed-Blade Survival Knife
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The way of working and the quality of the knife used in this Morakniv bushcraft knife makes your investment wise. These qualities make this survival knife a crucial tool for hunting, camping, emergency, and other outdoor activities. Taking into account versatility and flexibility, this fixed-blade survival knife is prepared from high-quality Sandvik steel. This material is suited for outdoor activities, fishing, marine, and construction applications. There would be no severe effects of moisture and dirt on this knife. So, you can gauge how seamlessly the tool functions for different applications.

To successfully accomplish different types of cutting, the thickness of the fixed blade is 4.3-inch. Moreover, there is the presence of a diamond knife sharpener and fire starter. To let you hold conveniently in hand, the knife’s structure showcases ergonomic handle equipped with a high-friction rubber grip. For severe or simple cutting tasks, this ergonomic handle helps a lot.

In this survival knife, the fixed blade bites into the surface without sticking to it. Hence, efficient cutting is facilitated. Also, there is the provision of scandi grind to avoid the issues of slipping. On this bushcraft knife, the effects of oxidation and corrosion are minimal. This is made possible with the use of chromium content of stainless steel material. Indirectly, a longer life is presented to make sure your investment is worthy. Right from simple fruits cutting to severe hard surface cutting, this survival knife is suitable.


  • With the use of a razor-sharp, heavily built 1/8-inch thick stainless steel blade, it is possible to cut different materials.
  • There is the inclusion of an ergonomic handle equipped with high-friction rubber grip. This grip presents excellent control to deliver safety and simplicity while using.
  • Its fire starter is held by the built-in plastic sheath with belt loop.
  • With a view to sharpening the blade, there is an integrated diamond sharpener. The excellent sharpness helps to instantly cut different surfaces with high accuracy.
  • The included all-weather fire starter generates 7,000 strikes and also generates a 3,000-degree Fahrenheit spark. There would be no hassles to operate the knife in moist conditions.
  • It just weighs 7.5 oz, so it is suitable to carry along wherever you go.

3.  Morakniv Garberg Full Tang Fixed Blade Knife:

Morakniv Garberg Full Tang Fixed Blade Knife
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To make sure a bushcraft knife works well for a variety of surfaces, it is important to focus on some aspects. These may include the blade’s sharpness and balance. In this full tang fixed blade knife, there is a razor sharp edge to employ sharp cutting. Moreover, the facility of exceptional balance allows the Garberg knife to work as an ideal carving tool. This enables the users to accurately prep tinder, prepare feather sticks, slice shelter stakes, or cut wood. In this way, you can estimate how versatile this fixed blade Bushcraft Knives is.

One of the beneficial aspects of this Morakniv Garberg knife is the presence of the anti-slip handle. This handle presents excellent anti-slip performance. Besides, it functions perfectly in cold and wet conditions. You can conveniently hold the handle in your handle to experience excellent safety and control. It is found that the Garberg blade’s spine is ground specifically for use with a fire starter. This ground spine would generate sparks capable to set fire to tinder, dry grass, or a gas grill.


  • There are two different versions available when you decide to purchase this full tang stainless steel Bushcraft Knives. They are leather sheath or multi-mount system.
  • Your cutting process will be benefitted with excellent hardness, toughness and razor sharpness. This is due to the use of 14C28N Sandvik stainless steel blade.
  • Availability of the scandi grind offers a razor-sharp edge to precisely cut through different surfaces. Furthermore, the issues of slipping are reduced.
  • The blade is made sufficiently thin to use it for carving. On the other hand, it is made sufficiently robust for batoning and other outdoor activities.
  • Implementation of the MOLLE compatible mount system firmly fastens knife to garment, walls or vehicles. Also, this system makes sure this bushcraft knife is accessible in all situations.

2.   KA-BAR Becker BK2 Campanion Fixed Blade Knife:

KA-BAR Becker BK2 Campanion Fixed Blade Knife
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When you want to enjoy camping, hunting, picnic or other outdoor activities, an ideal bushcraft knife helps a lot. Trying this fixed blade knife will amaze you with the simplicity of cutting and high accuracy. KA-BAR Knives Inc. took enough care to make this fixed blade knife as versatile as possible. Moreover, the brand took into account the simplicity of use and precision. You will relish the process of chopping onions and vegetables for the campfire picnic. Its toughness and sturdiness make sure the knife is indestructible. You will be facilitated about Bushcraft Knives with sharp cutting without using any additional blade sharpener. The classic black color represents elegance and sophistication.


  • This lightweight bushcraft knife incorporates a durable, 1095 cro-van steel blade. This blade is found ideal for splitting kindling, chopping vegetables, skinning game, etc.
  • Precise cutting is facilitated with the use of the drop point blade shape and a flexible 20-degree blade angle.
  • You will perceive excellent grip for different cutting chores due to the comfortable handle, prepared from Grivory.
  • Durable material is covered on the blade to provide protection to the carbon steel. Besides, there is the inclusion of a hard shell black nylon sheath.

1.   Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife:

Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife
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Now you need not worry about how to chop tiny limbs, prep tinder for fire or cut hard surfaces. The flexibility and versatility of this outdoor knife feature its use in different applications. It is possible to use this knife as a carving tool inside your campsite. For a high-quality bushcraft knife, it is important to include corrosion-resistant functionality. This functionality is found in this outdoor Bushcraft Knives. Compared to the carbon steel based blade, the stainless steel blade used in this knife stay sharp for a longer period. Hence, there are fewer chances of wear & tear and corrosion. It is recommended to oil and clean the blade often to improve corrosion resistance.

The Companion handle present in this Morakniv knife possesses a high-friction grip. Generally, it is observed that this grip performs excellently in cold and wet conditions. You will feel good grip in your hand so that you can cut with complete control and safety.


  • The length of the blade is 4.1 inches and the thickness is 0.1 inch (2.5 mm). This knife unit just weighs 4.1 oz.
  • In this Companion knife, the included 4.1-inch hardened Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel blade comes with high accuracy. You can carve, cut tinder, do food prep and many more.
  • The high-quality Swedish steel used in this bushcraft knife is razor sharp and tough.
  • There would be reduced chances of corrosion due to the use of stainless steel material in the blade.
  • In the package, there is a color-matching, tough plastic sheath to make sure the knife stays secured.
  • You can conveniently carry this fixed blade knife with the use of the included belt clip.

The fun of outdoor activities is doubled with the use of appropriate Bushcraft Knives. While looking to invest in a decent quality Bushcraft Knives, you need to focus on sharpness, durability, versatility, and flexibility to conveniently cut through different surfaces.

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