Top 7 Best Bumper Guards in 2020

The pleasant vehicle riding experience is complete when you equip your vehicle with the necessary accessories. With the choice of vital accessories, you would attain safe and effective riding experience. It is easy to understand that your vehicle would be subjected to scratches, bumps and other abnormalities while riding. Therefore, it is necessary to secure your vehicle from external factors. One of the important vehicle accessories are the bumper guards. A vehicle that is devoid of a bumper guard may be subjected to risk and damage. It is vital to furnish your vehicle with a front and a rear bumper guard. Whenever you bump into a fence or pole while riding, your vehicle stays protected. Even the slightest damage to the vehicle would make it look unappealing. In order to protect your vehicle from damage, take a look at the below-discussed bumper guards.

Here are the Top 7 Bumper Guards in 2019 on :

7. JoyTutus Car Bumper Guard Strips:

JoyTutus Car Bumper Guard Strips:
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When you go for this bumper guard strip for securing your vehicle, you can stay stress-free about the fit. This is because the JoyTutus car bumper guard comes with the universal fit. There are many different car models ranging from cheap to expensively priced that can be protected using this product. You need not to be panic about scratches and other damage to your car. The sole intention of these bumper guard strips is to protect your car against external damages. In this way, flawless riding experience is guaranteed regardless of the outside parameters.

Features of this Bumper Guards:

  • To present flexibility and convenience, the guard strips are prepared from a premium rubber material.
  • The corresponding bumper guard patch is secured to your car through the sturdy adhesive at the back.
  • All the existing scratches on your car will be healed and there are no chances of wear & tear.
  • In addition to providing protection, these guard strips will improve the exterior look of your car.
  • They come with the universal fit for cars like Ford, Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra, Audi, BMW, Toyota, and many more.
  • In the package, there is the inclusion of 4 pieces of bumper guard strips to help you on the go.

6. Hooke Road 1997-2006 Jeep TJ LJ Front Gladiator Grille Cover:

Hooke Road 1997-2006 Jeep TJ LJ Front Gladiator Grille Cover
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The front gladiator grille cover is essentially a hard plastic cover dedicated to improving the appearance of the front end of the jeep. There will be no issues regarding instability because the cover snaps into a fixed place. The simplicity of installation is greatly admired by most customers. This grille cover’s appealing trait is the smooth black finish and jagged off-road styling. The jeep’s grille will stay protected against trail hazards. Your jeep will stay protected against stones, brushes and other road hazards. It is certain that the jeep would stay protected against trail debris. In addition to that, the cover functions to conceal prevailing scratches and scuffs.

Features of this Bumper Guards:

  • In the manufacturing of this griller cover for jeep, there is the use of vacuum formed from acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) material. This material benefits the cover with its durability, strength and lightweight functionalities.
  • To present the appealing look, the cover is prepared in a smooth black finish.
  • The installation is a piece of cake and can be accomplished in approximately 30 minutes.
  • There is no need to use a drill or glue for installation.
  • With a view to letting you set it up easily, the package includes mounting hardware.

5. BumperBadger HD EDITION – 2016 New Design Protector and Rear Bumper Guard:

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When you glance at the product name of this rear bumper guard, you may get confused with the term BumperBadger. Basically, BumperBadger is a transitory rear bumper guard intended for parked vehicles only. Once your vehicle is parked, you can easily flip the bumperbadger out of the shaft. This would allow the product to cover the rear bumper. Prior to riding your vehicle, just flip the product back inside the shaft and lay it flat.  Excellent rear protection is guaranteed when you equip with the guard. In order to perceive the best results, it is recommended to clean the bumper guard on regular basis. It is usually advised to wash the BumperBadger and the surface of vehicle bumper frequently. You can use soapy water and a soft car wash brush for cleaning.

Features of this Bumper Guards:

  • In this protector and rear bumper guard, the presence of the patented top stabilizer bars aligns the product in flat position over the bumper.  These bars make sure the product stays stable while riding.
  • There is an additional wide protection area to enhance protection. Dimensions of this area are 46 inches wide x 12 inch tall.
  • To enhance strength and durability, the triple stitched trunk straps are included.
  • The linear elevated ribbing extends from the front surface. Moreover, it presents a flexible impact zone to mitigate minor parking bumps.
  • With the use of all premium quality materials, the product offers all weather protection.

4. Luv-Tap BG001 – Complete Coverage Universal Fit Rear Bumper Guard:

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This universal fit rear bumper guard is uniquely designed keeping in mind parallel parking. Its unique design encloses the corners of the bumper to guarantee protection to the areas prone to damage. Besides, it protects the whole structure of your vehicle’s rear bumper. During parallel parking, the issues of low speed impacts and scratches arise. Such kinds of concerns are effectively eliminated. This bumper guard stays attached to the rear part through bungee cords. In addition to presenting excellent protection, this rear bumper guard matches to the unique contours of the vehicle. Furthermore, it suits with the vehicle’s shape to present uniform look. A temporary yet sturdy bond is created to the vehicle’s surface.

Features of this Bumper Guards:

  • To guarantee stability, the Luv-Tap bumper guard incorporates permanently stitched, anti-theft quad entrenched steel straps. These straps are equipped with anchoring parachute buckles.
  • It is extremely easy to customize the size of this universal fit rear bumper guard in a few seconds.
  • When you enlarge the size of the bumper guard, comprehensive bumper coverage is presented.
  • It is a machine washable bumper guard, so there is no troubles to upkeep its fresh appearance.
  • It is possible to keep your vehicle secured from theft with the use of theft-preventive anchoring. For that, you just need to position the anchors on the vehicle and re-attach when you require it. There are no hassles of frequent adjustment to attain personalized fit.
  • The overall appearance is made sleek and delicate to enhance the look of your vehicle.

3. GOLD EDITION Bumper Bully Extreme – The Ultimate Outdoor Bumper Protector:

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In the current market, the BumperBully brand is top-notch when it comes to bumper protection. The BumperBully bumper guard is prepared from soft, elastic, premium grade rubber material. There are no other bumper guards that use this kind of material. In the manufacturing process, there is the absence of PVC plastic material. The present model – Gold Edition from the brand is the most prevalent in the market. There are many significant components that make the bumper guard unique. These include steel reinforced trunk straps and patented stabilizer bars. Besides, there is the inclusion of integrated Hi-Intensity Red Safety Reflectors to make sure you safely park the vehicle during the night.

One of the greatest specialties of the BumperBully bumper protector is its exceptional design. The crafting process is unique to surpass the typical bumper guards’ designs. You need not to concern about instability while riding. This is due to the fact that the patented stabilizer bars allow the protector to stay in a fixed place. In this way, the greatest protection is offered to let you stay stress-free while riding.  

Features of this Bumper Guards:

  • The top portion is made wider to present the greatest protection. On the other hand, the lower portion shrinks inward to make sure the protector would not obstruct the exhaust pipes.
  • An extra-wide bumper protector surface is presented; the dimensions of the surface are 46″x12” and it would encompass a major part of the car bumper.
  • You can stay relaxed about the robbery because the bumper protector includes steel reinforced security straps. These straps are heavy-duty in nature.
  • With the existence of the high-intensity safety reflectors, your vehicle stays visible during emergency situations.
  • Flexibility is presented through the premium grade rubber material.

2. T-Rex Bumper Protector, Rear Bumper Guard for Cars:

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Specially designed for cars, this bumper protector is capable to fit any small and large cars. Occasionally it happens that in metro cities, it is difficult to find a perfect parking place. Hence, some people end up parking their vehicle in a tight gap. Such kind of parking practice may subject your vehicle to scratches and other damages. Now you can alleviate such difficulty when you furnish your car’s rear with this bumper protector. Your car would stay safe from other drivers trying hard to fit their vehicles in a tight gap.

Whether you are a novice or experienced car driver, the T-Rex Bumper Protector functions effectively.  In order to make the most of this bumper protector, it is recommended to first measure your own cars’ bumper to ensure proper fit. In some cases, it may happen that it is tricky to install it single-handedly. During such situations, just take someone’s assistance and complete the installation process. To simplify the installation procedure, you can use the Velcro attachments.

Features of this Bumper Guards:

  • In the T-Rex bumper guard, there is the use of durable, high-density and all-weather foam material. This material comes with 1/4 inch thickness which is sufficient to protect your bumper against scratches and damages while parking.
  • It just weighs 1.5 lb. so it is easy to handle it.
  • The 360-degree protection is provided with its extra wide structure capable to protect the corners.
  • This bumper protector would stay secured in a fixed place on the trunk’s carpet through the 2 Velcro straps.

1. Rhino Guard by BumpTek – (MEDIUM SIZE) – HEAVY DUTY Corner Car Bumper Guards:

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The Rhino Guard is referred to as the heavy-duty version of BumpTeks famous corner bumper. What attracts the attention of customers towards this bumper guard is the maximum protection against bumper scrapes and scuffs.  There are some unique aspects that allow this heavy-duty bumper guard stands out from the crowd. These include the Air Pocket present on the backside and it offers 3/4” overall depth. Besides, this bumper guard would protrude ¾” from the bumper to present excellent protection.  There are no hassles to attach it to the rear bumper through a premium quality 3M peel and stick tape. You will be guided thoroughly through the included installation instructions. You just have to follow the included instructions appropriately.

Appearance of this heavy-duty bumper guard resembles factory equipment. Most customers are gratified with excellent vehicle protection against scratches. This protection saved their money which may be spent on repainting. To make the most of this heavy-duty bumper protector, you just need to be careful about the appropriate temperature at which they apply easily.  

Features of this Bumper Guards:

  • Overall dimensions of the bumper guard is20 inches (length) x 2 inches (height) x 0.75 inches (thick).
  • These BumpTek bumper guards are prepared from a durable and flexible impact absorbing material.
  • Corresponding black matte finish is found to be UV stable and complements the prevailing car decor. This will ultimately present an OEM appearance for ultimate protection of your vehicle.
  • Execution of the Air Pocket design makes sure there are no scrapes and scratches while parking. Also, this design protects the vehicle’s exterior from damage due to other vehicles.
  • The matte black finishes keep away corrosion.
  • Along with the bumper guard, you would get decent quality 3M adhesive tape and 3M surface cleaner.
  • In total, there are 4 pieces corner bumper guards present in the package.

To retain the durability and appearance of your vehicle, high-quality bumper guards work like a miracle. You can drive safely without worrying about scratches, scrapes, abrasion and other damages to your vehicle. Also, you can conveniently park your vehicle even in tight gaps.

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Top 7 Best Bumper Guards in 2020
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