Top 7 bowling shoes for women in 2020

The use of sports shoes plays a vital role to enhance the performance and playing efficiency.  In absence of a suitable shoe pair, you will feel discomfort and may face defeat in the game. The game of bowling involves lots of movement, so it is easy to gauge how important the shoes are. Generally, the bowling shoes for women are quite different from those of men. This is because women usually insist to have narrow or slimmer feet compared to men. It is usually observed that women’s feet are smaller than men and their body balance is quite different. When women wear bowling shoes designed particularly for men, there would be a compromise in the consistency and comfort. In order to resolve all such issues and to guarantee hassle-free playing experience, it is always best to go for the bowling shoes for women. Women can take a look at the below-discussed bowling shoes to remove confusion regarding purchase:

Here is the list of Top 7 bowling shoes for women on

7. BSI Women’s 460 Bowling Shoes:

Representing feminism in a new way, the BSI women’s bowling shoes are presented in white/purple color. This color usually signifies the women’s nature and entices their attention to buy it. For the novice or league bowler, the women’s 460 shoes work perfectly. Its reasonable price, strong craftsmanship and chic design fulfill your bowling shoes requirements. You will be stunned to see the nice slide which is not slippery. The slip is better than the typical rental shoes available on the market. You just need to be careful that the bottom does not get wet. Even a little amount of dampness would make them stick the surface and increases the chances of falling off.

Apart from wearing the shoes for self, they prove to be an excellent gift idea for your friends, family members or colleagues. There will be a noticeable increment in your game points in the bowling game. Females of any age will be surely stunned with the performance and design of these bowling shoes. The measurements of the length depicted on the size chart are actually the measurements of the interior part of the shoes.


  • The incorporated sole uses lightweight, durable rubber.
  • Its upper is made up of leather material.
  • Availability of the common sliding sole and the microfiber sliding sole improves comfort.
  • For long-term wear, there is the presence of soft insole lining.

6. BSI Women’s #651 Bowling Shoes:

In case you are unclear with bowling shoe sizing, generally, you are approximately a half size under your typical shoe size. Sung and comfortable fit are ensured to enjoy the bowling games throughout the day. In addition to the convenient fit, these shoes are cute in appearance. They are presented in pink/black color to represent feminism in a unique way.

Whenever you bowl a strike of your first throw, you will begin feeling comfortable in your feet. Even if you do not carry out research and decide to go for these bowling shoes, it is not at all a bad idea.  Actually, these shoes are presented in an adorable manner than the communal shoes. You will certainly get compliments from your friends and colleagues. At the bowling alley, they will match the decor of the surrounding.

There are many reviews about the shoes that suggest that they ran big, so you can order 1/2 size smaller than your normal fit. There would be no hassles in fit and there would be ample room to feel comfortable. Moreover, the area near your feet’s fingers would be wide, so no chances of perspiration. For bowlers of different skill sets whether novice or seasoned, these #651 bowling shoes are just perfect. At the offered price, this shoe pair meets the expectations of bowlers and they are well-made.


  • The design of the women’s #651 bowling shoes features sport leather uppers.
  • Comfortable wear is guaranteed with the help of cushioned tongue and collar.
  • They come with the stitched and glued slide sole.
  • There is the presence of the lightweight EVA midsole and you would find the embossed logo on the surface.
  • You can order a size smaller and they will still fit comfortably.

5. Dexter Dani Bowling Shoes:

Now you can catch the attention of everyone in the bowling alley when you wear this Dani bowling shoe from Dexter. Without being too stiff, these shoes are extremely supportive. One of the unique traits of these Dani bowling shoes is they come with slide pad which is essentially non-replaceable on both the shoes. Presence of a slide pad provides a certain amount of slide. Apart from that, they look beautiful and appear as if they are made from great quality materials.

Generally, these Dani bowling shoes for women arrive quickly after you order them. Also, they are packed in a typical shoebox in great condition. People of any age can correctly fit their feet inside these shoes and extreme comfort is guaranteed. The friends and players present in the bowling alley would assume that you wore a cute gym shoes pair. In order to avoid confusion regarding size, it is best to assume that the measurements may differ by size. Actually, the weight of these women shoes is depended on a single item, not a pair.


  • High durability and comfortable fit are guaranteed. They would appear simple yet they represent the fun style.
  • They are presented in black/turquoise color.
  • On the surface, there is the presence of durable, soft man-made upper.
  • The design represents the U-throat upper pattern.
  • They are equipped with the non-marking rubber outsole with distinct heel. Also, they come with the horseshoe heel.
  • The construction features fully fabric-lined with soft tongue and collar.
  • On both the shoes, there is the use of S8 microfiber slide soles.
  • Durable and soft man-made uppers are available inside a low-profile silhouette.
  • The convenient fit is guaranteed with the use of adaptable lace-up closure.
  • The design represents soft mesh fabric linings.
  • To enhance the comfort, they come with the slightly cushioned foam footbed.
  • They are considered lightweight because they just weigh 11 oz.

4. Aura Ladies Bowling Shoes by Brunswick:

As directly perceptible from the name, this pair of bowling shoes from Brunswick is specially designed for ladies. Females of all age groups can conveniently order any pair of shoes as per their size from this brand. There would be no compromise in the quality, fit and durability. When you order these Aura ladies bowling shoes, they would fit slightly snug in your feet but there is no discomfort feeling.

Generally, women prefer to wear a wide foot for sports activities; however, the majority of the shoes are not presented in wide sizes. Therefore, the offered sizes in this model of women’s bowling shoes are just perfect. The shoe tightness is appropriate –not too tight, not too loose. Keeping in mind the long-lasting functionality and durability, these Aura women’s shoes are specially designed. Women usually prefer to wear a cute looking shoe pair for sports activities to relieve their stress while playing. These Aura ladies shoes fulfill this desire. There would be no slipping issues when you wear them. If you are facing problems of your feet getting hot while playing, these shoes are for you.


  • The ladies bowling shoes are presented in gray/lime color.
  • They come with the athletic mesh and universal soles.
  • Perspiration in the feet is controlled with the help of athletic breathable mesh uppers.
  • Included collar and tongue are foam padded.
  • For convenient fit, they come with the lightweight rubber outsole.
  • No issues of sliding because the shoes come with the pure slide microfiber slide soles.

3. Karma Ladies Bowling Shoe by Brunswick:

Keeping in mind fashionable style and comfort, the Brunswick Karma bowling shoes for women are specially designed. High comfort and smooth flexibility are guaranteed with the use of the performance mesh upper material. With the assistance of the slip-on or lace construction, it is quite simple to wear these shoes on your feet for long hours. There are some women bowling players who doubt that the slide is present only on one foot. However, this is not true; the slide is present on both the feet.

Basically, the structure of these Karma ladies shoes is characterized by a beautiful, wide toe area and a comfortable fit. Besides, the appearance is fantastic. If you are fed up wearing boat shoes then these ladies bowling shoes are just perfect. To represent style in a unique manner, the lace end mid-foot. Their gray color represents simple and professional look to upgrade your overall bowling performance.


  • They come with the universal soles and performance mesh uppers.
  • Their structure represents foam padded collar and tongue.
  • For a comfortable fit, they come with the comfort slip-on or lace construction.
  • Presence of the lightweight rubber outsoles enables the players to a bowl game after game. You would not feel exhaustion in your legs.
  • Availability of the pure slide microfiber soles facilitates you with the instant superior slide.

2. Dexter Vicky:

Whenever you are looking for a comfortable and sturdy pair of shoes for playing bowling games, these Dexter Vicky shoes are just perfect. Glancing at their measurements, their weight is 11 oz. Besides, it is important to bear in mind that the product measurements are taken at the size 7.5, width B – Medium. In order to remove the confusion, it is best to take into account that the measurements may differ by size.

The specialty of the slide in these bowling shoes is the slide goes from tip to toe seamlessly. The sole encompasses the base of these shoes up to the front edge. They are extremely comfortable in your feet and they fit true to size. Moreover, these Dexter Vicky shoes are equipped with good arch support and cute appearance. Actually, they perform very well and you will be certainly pleased especially during the break-in process after you completed several bowling games. In case you have wide feet, they would feel extremely comfortable to bowl in. When playing bowling games during summer, they fit perfectly in your feet and would not create sweat. You can definitely offer your bowling look a retro vibe through the Dexter® Vicky shoes.


  • The construction exhibits durable man-made uppers along with side mesh panels. These panels are present in a classic bowling silhouette.
  • Included collar and tongue are lightly cushioned.
  • For a secure fit, they come with adaptable lace-up closure.
  • Their design depicts soft fabric linings.
  • On both these shoes, there is the availability of the S8 microfiber slide soles.
  • To improve comfort, there is the existence of foam cushioned footbed and soft Slide-Rite™ forefoot.

1. Dexter Kerrie Bowling Shoes:

Now you can flawlessly master you bowling game expertise in the classic looking Dexter Kerrie bowling shoes.  Actually, these shoes are true to size but narrow. Hence, initially, it may take several weeks to assume a comfortable fit. Women usually insist to buy sports shoes that can resist the dirt or smudges. The color of this bowling shoe pair appear great and it shows very little dirt or smudges and the sole offers the correct slide. They are available in the grey twill color and this color is highly admired among the customers.


  • The material used in the making is textile and the shoes come with the lightweight cotton canvas uppers.
  • Their design depicts classic CVO upper pattern.
  • Incorporated collar and tongue are lightly cushioned.
  • For the perfect fit, they come with the traditional lace-up closure.
  • Presence of the medial side vents offer enhances breathability.
  • Their structure showcases a molded, detachable blown EVA footbed to enhance comfort.
  • On the base, there is a durable, non-marking rubber outsole along with a distinct heel.

To make the most of the bowling game, women can certainly try the discussed bowling shoes. They are durable, come with a comfortable fit, appear elegant and capable to match your sports look while playing bowling games.

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