Top 12 Best Bottle Brushes in 2020

Currently, bottle brushes seem to be indispensable items in every family because they provide the necessary solutions to ensure hygiene and safety. Typically, this device has a 3-layer structure that contains soft antibacterial sponges and sponges so as not to scratch the surface of the items you want to clean. Plus, the unique design of this product makes it easy to access every corner of the fixtures. And yet, the soft brush head has a good ability to wriggle, helping to clean easily and quickly the stains and residues remaining on the utensils.

However, you should consider carefully to choose the bottle brushes that suit your different needs. Keep reading our objective reviews below so you can buy the best bottle brushes for your purpose.

List of 12 best bottle brushes on

12. Dish Scrubbie Washing Long Bottle Straw Cleaner

When equipped with this bottle brush from Dish Scrubbie, you can use it to clean and clean bottles, jars, cups, bottles, bottles and other items. Even some bottle brushes can help you scrub even small items. Plus, the brush is made from high-quality and premium materials for added durability.

With the features above, you can freely clean everything without worrying about whether the brush is broken or not. Not only that, this material is both environmentally friendly and limits the chemicals that are harmful to your body. And yet, its dimensions are ideal for reaching the bottom of every item.


  • Suitable for many different sizes
  • Durable and premium materials for a long time use
  • Unique and bright colors
  • Smooth and soft for bottles


  • It is quite long for some bottles

11. Nuby Aqua Soft Nipple Brush Non-Scratch Silicone Looped Handle Bristle Bottle

This is a bottle brush from Nuby with a unique design, funny with bright colors, eye-catching. Therefore, it can be considered as a suitable item to accompany baby bottles. The sponge layers of this brush make all of these processes much quicker and easier. Therefore, this product can save you a considerable amount of time and effort so you can spend more time with your children.

Besides, the soft handle makes you more comfortable and flexible so cleaning will become simpler and more convenient. Moreover, it is quite light so your operations will become more flexible and agile.


  • Bright and eye-catching colors
  • Fits many bottle sizes
  • Easy to clean regularly
  • Compact and ergonomic design


  • It is a bit small

10. The Crown Choice Bottle Brush Narrow Neck Hydroflask Thermos Cleaner

The design of this bottle brush from The Crown Choice fits most bottle sizes. The neck section has a flexible structure for easy access to get a deep clean inside the bottle. It is considered one of the simplest and most effective solutions for cleaning all water containers such as cups, cups, jars, and jars.

This item is made from silicon to be safer than traditional products. Plus, the soft bristle is uniquely designed to not scratch the bottles, jars, and glasses each time you use it. Finally, all products are made from high-quality materials to accompany your family for a long time and ensure the safety of all members of the house.


  • Long handle for easy control
  • Special and unique design
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Simple to carry and store


  • Its price is slightly high when compare to other bottle brushes

9. OXO Tot Stand Bottle Brush and Gray Nipple Cleaner

This is the bottle brush of OXO Tot with its head integrated with two types of bristles so you can adjust the brush speed, wash it comfortably to suit your intended use. Thanks to this feature, regular cleaning of cups, bottles, cups, and jars in your home will no longer cause difficulties for you. Its unique design makes it easy to access the nooks and crannies of products to clear away any debris.

In addition to the features mentioned above, its structure is equipped with tiny holes for quick drying. Therefore, the product will not be moldy or harmful by bacteria. Equally important, the handle is relatively soft so you can comfortably control the brush without worrying about slipping.


  • Soft and smooth to use
  • Support ventilation
  • Affordable price
  • Unique bristles for quick cleaning


  • It easily gets dirty

8. OXO Tot Nipple Cleaner Gray Stand Bottle Brush

The brush head of this OXO Tot product comes in two types of bristles for gentle cleaning and serious scrubbing. And yet, silicone nipple cleaners go into tight spaces and are ideal for milk bottles, scups, and other water bottles. Besides, the product is designed with ventilation holes to help all internal components dry faster

Besides, the soft, comfortable handle won’t slip out of your wet hands. Therefore, the control and adjustment of products will become easier and more convenient than ever. Finally, the flexible structure makes this brush accessible to every corner to optimize cleaning.


  • Soft and comfortable
  • Compact and lightweight to carry around
  • Ergonomic design is optimized
  • Very affordable price


  • Its top needs to be improved

7. Munchkin Bristle Green White Bottle Brush

Another product from Munchkin appears on this list. First of all, the colorful appearance also helps this product to attract more customers’ attention. Plus, it has a unique structure to stand upright. Therefore, the head of this brush will not contact any surface to minimize the penetration of harmful bacteria.

On top of that, persistent materials are the highlight of this bottle brush. They are both environmentally friendly and user-friendly so they do not produce any harmful chemicals after each cleaning and washing process. Finally, the neck of the product has a soft curve for easy access to every corner of the glasses, bottles, and jars.


  • Eco-friendly and user-friendly
  • Affordable price
  • Bright and trendy colors
  • Durable and soft bristles


  • It can sprays water

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6. Philips Avent Blue Bottle Baby Brush

This Philips Avent product is described as a versatile bottle brush with a soft curved brush to help you easily clean the bottles, jars, glasses, and cups in your home. It is even seen as a tool that can help you clean the interior of your home regularly without any problems. Plus, these bristles are both durable and soft so as not to scratch the glass surfaces.

Not only that, but the bristle from this Philips Avent bottle brush is also hardened to prevent it from breaking when you use it continuously for months. And yet, they have a special structure to reach every corner of the items you want to clean


  • Molded tip and cleans nipples
  • Easy to hold and control
  • Premium and safe material
  • Very affordable price


  • Less suitable for small items

5. Turbo Microfiber Hydro Straw Cleaning Flask Tumbler Long Wire Scrub Bottle Brush

This Turbo Microfiber bottle brush has a standard size to be able to clean items of different sizes. Plus, the material of this product is relatively user-friendly so it is not harmful to your health. Besides, it is introduced as a versatile product that not only helps you clean the bottles. You can make the most of the unique structure of this product to clean other household objects such as jars, glasses, and cups.

In addition, the spiral structure makes this item easily accessible to different surfaces without any obstacles. And yet, its outer shell makes the product very easy to clean regularly. Therefore, you can preserve the product thoroughly so it can look like new for a long time. Last but not least, this Turbo Microfiber product is rated as an ideal gift for housewives lovers.


  • User-friendly and eco-friendly materials
  • Multifunctional design
  • Compact and lightweight for easy storing
  • Affordable price


  • It is a bit hard to use at first

4. Munchkin Sponge Blue Bottle Brush

This is a Munchkin bottle brush specially designed to give your family effective solutions for daily cleaning, especially cleaning baby bottles. This makes you feel the job of maintaining equipment in your home is no longer boring.

Besides, with a simple and simple operation, you can bring the tip of this brush to every corner of the cups, jars, and bottles you want to clean. From there, there is no longer any residue that could cling to the bottom of those items. Plus, the unique structure of this product makes it possible to stand upright to avoid hitting other surfaces, so it minimizes the chance of contact with harmful bacteria.


  • Very affordable price
  • Ergonomic and compact design to easily use or store
  • A tiny support brush is included
  • Soft rubber for extra comfort


  • Its service time is a bit short

3. HIWARE Silicone Cleaner Compatible Bottle Brush Thermos Hydro Simple Flask Cleaning Set

This bottle brush from HIWARE is introduced as a perfect combination of high-class materials to make your experience and your family better in the process of using the product. In addition, excellent manufacturing technologies have enabled HIWARE to create brushes that are both environmentally friendly and harmless to the health of users.

The long body of the product makes it possible to reach different angles of water bottles of different sizes. Therefore, you no longer worry about the feasibility of cleaning. In addition, the handle is covered with a non-slip layer to make brush control and adjustment easier. So, if you are looking for a high-quality and affordable option for your needs, then this can be a good product to consider.


  • The size is optimized
  • Multipurpose and multifunctional
  • Convenient and easy to handle
  • Ergonomic and modern design


  • The silicon part needs to be improved

2. Redecker Baby Pig Bristles Beechwood Handle Steel Wire Bottle Brush

This is an elegant bottle designed by Redecker to give you and your family the best experience. In particular, it becomes even more ideal when you have a baby because it will help you to completely clean up any residue that remains on the bottom of the bottle. With just a few basic operations, you can keep the tools clean.

What is more, many parts of this bottle brush are made from natural wood. It is this material that both brings elegant lines to the kitchen space and ensures the durability of the product so that it will serve your family long term. In addition to the natural wood layers, this Redecker bottle brush is made from premium stainless steel to give you flexibility and comfort while controlling the product. Many people choose this product because it comes with so many great features that you can hardly find on any other options.


  • Elegant and luxurious design
  • Premium and durable materials
  • Ergonomic and flexible to use
  • User-friendly and eco-friendly


  • The price is relatively high

1. Oxo Good Bottle Brush Grips

The first item on this list is a bottle brush made by Oxo with a curled neck. This special design makes it easy to access the bottom of bottles, jars, and mugs. Therefore, you will be assured that there is no residue left in your products. The stiff bristles are eye-catching blue, uniquely engineered to achieve a standard tilt angle during cleaning.

Equally important, those stiff bristles have the ability to move smoothly so they don’t scratch the drinking glasses. The handle is also quite soft and even has enhanced slip resistance to help you always fix this brush from Oxo. Finally, the compact design of this product makes it easier and more convenient to store. Go for this product and you will not regret anything.


  • The bristles are durable and flexible
  • Eye-catching and bright colors
  • Compact and ergonomic design
  • Very affordable price


  • It easily gets dirty


The bottle brushes are favored by many families. This is a great choice for the regular cleaning of household items. We hope the above reviews can help you choose the right bottle brushes. Keep in mind to consider carefully before making a purchase to go for a high-quality and affordable product for your needs.

Top 12 Best Bottle Brushes in 2020

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