Top 10 Best Android Car Stereos in 2020

To reduce the boredom and anxiety while driving a car, you may need to listen to music occasionally. This will refresh your mood and assist you to ride the car effectively. In absence of a proper music system in the car, you may consider it as bread without butter. It is vital to furnish your car with decent quality music and stereo system to eliminate mental stress. There will be fewer chances of accidents when you listen to car stereos while riding. With the recent advancement in technology, the present day stereos are equipped with Android system. This is because the Android systems are extremely reliable and flexible. Moreover, they facilitate the establishment of wireless connections via the Bluetooth device. When Android stereos are installed in a car, they will perform reliably and present excellent sound output.

Take a look at the best Android car stereos available currently on

10. XTRONS 10.1 Inch Android 8.0 Multi-Touch Screen Car Stereo:

XTRONS 10.1 Inch Android 8.0 Multi-Touch Screen Car Stereo
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Now you can enjoy flawless music while riding your car when you set up this car stereo system. Basically, the XTRONS car stereo is equipped with Android 8.0 system and comes with the multi-touch screen. This touch screen facility helps the driver to easily manipulate the functioning of stereo instantly. Besides, the system comes with the sufficient storage space i.e. 4GB RAM + 32GB ROM.  You will be benefitted with the responsive experience and instant use. It is easy to access your favorite apps like Pandora, Spotify, and iHeartRadio. It also provides support to the Multi-window View allowing the user to easily switch the two running apps. Finally, you can listen to your preferred music via your favorite app whenever you are calling, browsing, etc.


  • It is possible to utilize the screen mirroring function in order to read messages. Alternatively, you can view videos on the bright screen.
  • It comes with the facility of the Google Play Protect guaranteeing complete security of the unit.
  • Now you can enlarge your media choices by just plugging a USB stick or SD card in order to play favorite music or video.
  • Some of the supplementary features are steering wheel control ready, dual camera switch, quick performance, and smart User Interface (UI) design.

9. Pioneer AVH-X490BS Double Din Bluetooth Car Stereo Receiver:

Pioneer AVH-X490BS Double Din Bluetooth Car Stereo Receiver
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Presented from the popular brand Pioneer, this car stereo receiver is equipped with Bluetooth functionality. This allows the driver to easily access different functionalities from a distance. The stereo receiver packs in some important sound quality feature such as built-in Auto EQ and Time Alignment and13-Band Graphic Equalizer with touch panel swipe settings. Furthermore, it comes with the high/low pass crossover along with adaptable points and slopes. These slopes facilitate you with the appropriate controls to customize the listening experience.


  • In this Bluetooth car stereo receiver, there are multiple audio codec and superior quality FLAC codec. Moreover, the high-grade audio parts are incorporated inside the DVD receiver of Pioneer to generate superb sound.
  • It can be directly connected to your iPod or iPhone for music playback through the optional CD-IU51 interface cable.
  • The output power is excellent i.e. at 50 watts and there is a total of 4 channels.
  • With the assistance of the time alignment, music gets optimized.

8. Premium 7In Single-DIN Android Car Stereo Receiver:

Premium 7In Single-DIN Android Car Stereo Receiver
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What sets this Android car stereo unique from the rest is the facility of GPS navigation. This facility allows you to drive safely and smartly. You would not become wayward while driving and you can easily find even the difficult locations or hard-to-reach places. You can solely focus on the road without any distractions. There is the provision of the touch screen control interface to help you easily customize the settings.  Through the use of this outstanding quality single-din dashboard stereo entertainment system, it is easy to stream music and make calls. Besides, you can wirelessly watch your favorite videos from a far distance.

Endless versatility is presented with the inclusion of the video aux (RCA) input connector jack and the audio aux (RCA) input/output connector jacks. Ultimately, the riding experience will be fun-filled with the use of this trustworthy e multimedia car stereo.


  • This Single-DIN Android car stereo comes with the Bluetooth connectivity for wireless music streaming. Moreover, there is the facility of the built-in microphone to allow hands-free calling.
  • The car device is found compatible with almost all your favorite Bluetooth devices. It can support Bluetooth 2.1 technology.
  • There is the inclusion of power & wiring harness and also the chassis mounting case frame.
  • Some of the advanced features incorporated are integrated google maps navigation software, turn-by-turn voice direction assistance, static display, and visual map guidance.

7.  Car Stereo with Bluetooth 7 Inch Touch Screen by BESTREE:

Car Stereo with Bluetooth 7 Inch Touch Screen by BESTREE
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The present model of car stereo by BESTREE is referred to as a Universal Double Din Car Stereo system. With the easy-to-use touch screen, excellent resolution and rich sound output, you will find your investment wise. There is the arrangement of including a backup camera and steering wheel control. Its stereo backup camera is equipped with 8 lights and comes with many additional features. These include night vision, dust-proof, waterproof, and wide-angle view design. The included steering wheel control offers support to the multi-directional remote control to enhance the convenience.


  • There is the implementation of the high-definition, wide-angle 170-degree design for proper viewing.
  • In this car stereo system, there is 3 screen display and the execution of dual system mirrorlink functionality.
  • It can easily support Android OS and Apple OS mobile phone.
  • With the help of the full-screen display, you will enjoy all the mobile phone contents including photos, music, movies, etc.
  • The included 7-color backlight can be customized.
  • It can support a total of 24 languages.

6. Pioneer AVH-600EX in-Dash Receiver DVD Receiver:

Pioneer AVH-600EX in-Dash Receiver DVD Receiver
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The Pioneer AVH-600EX receiver is compatible with many different devices to enjoy fun-filled car riding experience. It can seamlessly receive music from iPod/iPhone, Android devices or USB devices. After the reception of the music, it can play it back through added transitions & effects. In this way, this DVD receiver would generate a virtual DJ within the Pioneer receiver. You will be happy with the overall sound output and easy-to-use functionalities.


  • This in-Dash car stereo receiver supports 800 x 400 resolution. It comes with the clear-resistive touch screen and 24-bit true color panel. It is possible to customize the color based on your preferences.
  • Few of the supplementary features are audio streaming, hands-free calling, and dual phone connection.
  • It comes with the multi-language display to suit different needs.
  • There is the inclusion of USB extension cable, wiring harness, Bluetooth microphone, and user manual.

5. Pyle Single DIN In Dash Android Car Stereo Head Unit:

Pyle Single DIN In Dash Android Car Stereo Head Unit
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Whenever you insist to purchase a reliable multimedia car device to make your car riding experience enjoyable, go for this device. Basically, this Pyle Single DIN android stereo system incorporates easy-to-use interface. Moreover, it comes with some of the advanced functionalities like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. The built-in navigation system is extremely reliable allowing you to ride safely on the road. Now you can easily reach the destination without worrying about getting wayward. The appropriate use of the advanced functionalities allows you to play music, view movie or browse online. There will be no distractions while riding and you can completely focus on the road.


  • The operation of this Pyle 7 inch car android stereo receiver is based on Android 5.1 and the quad-core 1.2 GHz cortex CPU.
  • There is the availability of the user-friendly UI interface and full touch screen resembling the tablet-style functionality.
  • It is possible to store your favorite music and videos using the 16GB built-in memory.
  • This In Dash car stereo unit enables the user to connect different devices like iPhone, tablets, mp3, mp4, mp5 or some other devices.
  • Its included GPS navigation system is reliable and functional. The Android car stereo system includes pre-loaded automotive navigation app software.

4.  Android 7 Car Stereo CD DVD Player by COREHAN:

Android 7 Car Stereo CD DVD Player by COREHAN
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Now there are no hassles to make the most of music and video regardless of driving duration- short trip or long trip.  The included CD/DVD player in this Android 7 car stereo allows you to relish rich sound output and full HD movies. In addition to the excellent output, one of the important specialties is the reliable GPS system. This system is capable to support offline and online navigation.  Now you can easily download your chosen GPS apps from google play store. Moreover, it is easy to save the offline map into the microSD card.

Car drivers will certainly enjoy the hands-free functionality. This functionality allows them to free their both hands while dialing and attending a call. With the assistance of the built-in WiFi connection, this stereo system allows you to play online music, web browsing, online video watching, etc.


  • With the Bluetooth (A2DP), it is easy to share music instantly via your smartphone.
  • In total, there are three USB ports allowing you to save thousands of favorite songs and videos. Also, there is the facility of dual microSD card slots.
  • It provides support to Airplay with iOS devices as well as USB cable mirror link with Android devices.

3. New Brand Upgarde Version 7 Inch Capacitive Touch Screen:

New Brand Upgrade Version 7 Inch Capacitive Touch Screen
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The upgraded version of car stereo system flawlessly supports wireless Bluetooth connection. Execution of the advanced Bluetooth technology allows you to easily transfer data in the mentioned range. There is the facility of a free HD reversing camera in order to prevent the issues of a backup collision. In this system, there is the presence of a rearview camera to avoid chances of accidents.


  • There is the arrangement of the Screen Mirroring function which can work with the Android smartphone. With the use of this function, it is quite simple to perform things that you normally do on your smartphone while riding.
  • It can support Mirror-link and for that, you simply require a USB cable. It is possible to establish the connection to your Android Phone, and relish web browsing, game playing, video watching, etc.
  • The upgraded version of car stereo comes with the electronic sound effects (equalizer) processing and multitone mode.
    You can operate the device in hands-free fashion through built-in Bluetooth.
  • There is the inclusion of a microphone.

2.  Android 7.1 32GB 2GB Car Stereo Radio by EINCAR:

Android 7.1 32GB 2GB Car Stereo Radio by EINCAR
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What makes this Android car stereo by EINCAR so special is the use of the latest Android 7.1 Nougat OS. This is a reliable OS equipped with fast processing functionalities. The built-in GPS flawlessly supports offline and online navigation of apps. These apps include Google, Synic, Waze, etc. There is an arrangement to support voice guidance and 3D maps. Due t its universal compatibility, it could fit most cars.


  • There is the implementation of Bluetooth 4.0 technology for hands-free use.
  • It comes with the 2GB RAM for quick operation speed and 32GB ROM helps to support the apps. The dual cameras are available freely as a gift.
  • You can experience hands-free calling through the built-in microphone.
  • There is support offered for the Bluetooth audio player, a quick search of contacts and phone book function.

1. ATOTO A6 Double Din Android Car Navigation Stereo:

ATOTO A6 Double Din Android Car Navigation Stereo
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The credit of flawless wireless functionality in this Double Din car stereo goes to the ultra external Wi-Fi antenna. With the use of this antenna, there is a significant improvement in WiFi reception. It is quite easy to operate Google voice in this stereo device.


  • The included dual Bluetooth chips can function in form of BT handsfree /media streaming. Besides, these chips can easily connect to the BT tethering of the phone to flawlessly send/receive files, access internet, etc.
  • To guarantee reduced bugs and use of advanced features, there is the facility of continuous firmware update.

With the appropriate choice of the Android car stereos, you can relish onboard navigation, media entertainment, and hands-free calling. You will be benefitted with a reliable sound system to enjoy the car riding experience.

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Top 10 Best Android Car Stereos in 2020
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